First Tracks Friday: Somewhere in the Sierra

First Tracks Productions shares sneak peek at sweet locale


First Tracks Productions captured these inspiring images on a shoot for their adventure film Off the Beaten Path which showcases cycling in terrain and conditions you wouldn’t expect to see bikes being ridden.

“We’re exploring new terrain and really seeing what fat bikes are capable of,” says Anthony Cupaiuolo of the South Lake Tahoe film production company. “It’s a lot of fun riding and filming in places you wouldn’t expect bikes to be. And, I think our experience producing skiing and snowboarding films and content for companies such as Warren Miller and Burton has been helpful for this project. That said, this isn’t going to be a snow-biking film, we’re looking forward to filming in a variety of unique terrain.”















11174443_1061609677201342_7094804913934875153_oLearn more about First Tracks Productions and Off the Beaten Path at

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  1. Doug

    Well done, Jeff!

    (I knew him when he was a nobody)


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