Month: October 2009

KING of the LINE

In the early 1990s an indoor climbing gym, Pacific Edge, opened up in Santa Cruz. A climbing gym in the surf capital of Northern California raised a few eyebrows, but from day one there was quite a bit of interest. Early on a few of the local kids started going to the gym on a regular basis, discovering indoor climbing as a good after-school alternative to skateboarding, biking, and playing in the ocean. But after a while, the initial excitement sort of ran its course, and most of that early group moved.

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The Highs and Lows of Slacklining

Slacklining, the art of walking along one-inch wide nylon webbing, is a new school variation of circus style tight-rope walking. Born along chain link fences in Yosemite Valley, the sport of slacklining has become a recreational phenomenon enjoyed worldwide, from the beaches to the highest alpine spires.

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Take it to the River

Playboating is a sub-discipline of whitewater kayaking that focuses on doing tricks and maneuvers in the river. It can take many forms, from the casual boater doing a stern squirt, to spending an hour cutting up a wave on the way down the river, to dedicated play missions, where challenging a specific play feature is the entire goal for the day. Playboating can be done on flatwater and in eddylines, as well as on waves and in holes

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Why Don’t We Do It Off the Road?

Adventure racers have long had an affinity for off-road triathlons as a way to lengthen their race season and build up individual event skills. Off-road triathlons such as the nationally recognized XTERRA series offer adventure racers an opportunity to cross train with challenging events when not participating in adventure races.

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Event Profiles March/April

Every year, thousands of bike lovers converge on the race tracks at Laguna Seca for a celebration of all things cycling. The Sea Otter Classic has become an early-season rite of passage for crankheads of all stripes, who come to test their spring legs, check out the newest gear, drink beer and rub scraped-up elbows.

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Swingin’ in Yosemite

A striking pinnacle just east of Yosemite Falls draws adventurers from around the world. Reaching the summit of Lost Arrow Spire affords an awesome view of the park’s glacier-carved valley and takes no small amount of technical skill. But for once in this renowned climbing mecca, the climbing isn’t the story.

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Taming the Wild Salmon

A kayak doubles as a lunch buffet. Six Rivers National Forest, Siskiyou County – Six taut inflatable rafts in bright, kindergarten blues and yellows lined the banks of California’s Salmon River, often referred to as the Cal Salmon to distinguish it from the more famous but less challenging river of the same name in Idaho. Contusion, the first batch of Class III-IV rapids boiled a thousand yards down stream. Helmets on, life preservers cinched tight, our paddling skills reviewed and tested, we pushed off into smooth blue-green water.

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Ice, Wind, Cold, and Sierra Cement

Four days into a 50-mile winter trek, our team reached a steep and formidable icy slope. We quickly recognized that this grade was our most hazardous obstacle so far, because to climb it we would have to risk a wild slide down an incline that would drop a skier several hundred feet below, and not at all gently.

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Riding Solo

Steve Wigen is an endurance athlete, a cyclist to be exact, who picked up the long-distance habit later in life. Like so many of his ilk, the 49-year-old Wigen is one of those people who can put his head down into a head wind, crank away for hours and find it enjoyable.

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    Join @ellasuring and @theory_in_motion as they discuss ultra running and Alyssa’s journey as both an athlete and a coach. The full interview is out now on our website. 🏃🏼‍♀️

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    There’s still time for spring skiing at @bvadventure

    With over 65 kilometers of groomed paths and a cafe on the trails, it’s a great destination for the whole family.

    #xcskiing #adventure #california

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    Looking to beat the crowds this season for some spring skiing? Just 3 hours from the Bay is Bear Valley Mountain Resort. Our writer @ellasuring explored the area this weekend and was greeted with short lift lines and friendly faces to share in the stoke!

    @bearvalleyresort is located between Tahoe and Yosemite and is the perfect casual ski destination for friends and families. With a variety of terrain levels, rentals, a lodge and lots of dining options, it’s the perfect winter getaway.

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