Month: October 2009

FYI: Vision Quest

While most of us spend countless hours thinking about how to improve our fitness, reach a new personal record, and even shave grams from our bikes, we spend virtually no time thinking about how to protect our eyes during our various activities and adventures. And that can be a critical, life-changing mistake.

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Searchin’ for a Soakin’

The headlights of my vehicle dance on the horizon. I crack a window to breathe in the cold sage-scented air. As I bounce along the washboard road, I wonder what it is I enjoy more? Getting completely lost in a maze of backroads? Or finding what I’m looking for – that bubbling pot of liquid nirvana at the end of a dusty road.

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Flashback: Norman Clyde

In the annals of wilderness exploration, being the first to succeed at a given challenge has always been one of the primary motivators of inspired adventurers. The rich buzz of knowing not a soul has passed there before you is, human history would suggest, highly addictive.

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Fountain of Sorrow, Fountain of Light—First-time Trekker Searches for His Rhythm in Bhutan

This was my first trek, Bob’s third. We are pushing 60 from both directions – he is 61 and I am 59 – and this may have been our last trek. Bob, a retired businesman, has been to Bhutan seven times in the past few years. If you asked him why, he would say it was because he admires the society; because he appreciates how the people and their benevolent king are moving forward with a common purpose and how Mahayana Buddhist, the state-sponsored religion, permeates the society, creating an atmosphere that is special and unique. He had invited me to join him a number of times. This time I said yes.

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Train for Snow

What’s the deal with winter? If you are anything like me, winter is generally a bad time for fitness and outdoor sports. Oh sure, I try every year to resist the lure of massive holiday overeating, but inevitably I am ten pounds heavier and in lousy shape come spring. Then I spend spring and summer getting back into shape and the whole cycle starts again—fit and motivated in the summer, lazy, fat and uninspired in the winter. Gaining fitness in the summer; gaining weight in the winter. You get the picture.

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Teens Veer Off Road… Parents Applaud!—NorCal high school mountain bike league surging in popularity

The revolution may not be televised … yet … but it’s already in its sixth season and it’s spreading. Go to any bike shop in the Bay Area that carries Fisher or Trek and you’ll see evidence of it on their counters and stuck to their bulletin boards: a neat stack of pamphlets that instruct any innocent passerby to “Join the High School Mountain Biking Revolution!” The picture on the cover is a close up on three young riders garbed in rebel red—legs pumping, jaw muscles flexing. It’s the NorCal High School Mountain Bike Racing League, and they may be coming to your town … if they’re not there all ready.

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According to Steve Musillami, Statewide Trails Manager for California State Parks, there is “no legal policy on who has the right of way.” Rather, the state park system has “etiquette recommendations for trail usage.” Most state parks and many public recreation areas allow multi-use recreation. Some areas are clearly marked as being only for one type of user, such as pedestrians. In cases where hikers, bikers and equestrians meet up on the trail, however,

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Ansel Adams and Edward Weston

In the summer of 1937, Ansel Adam’s Yosemite Valley darkroom caught fire. Hundreds of his negatives burned without ever having been printed. Adams put out the fire with the help of fellow photo luminary Edward Weston and Weston’s future wife, writer Charis Wilson.

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    There’s still time for spring skiing at @bvadventure

    With over 65 kilometers of groomed paths and a cafe on the trails, it’s a great destination for the whole family.

    #xcskiing #adventure #california

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    Looking to beat the crowds this season for some spring skiing? Just 3 hours from the Bay is Bear Valley Mountain Resort. Our writer @ellasuring explored the area this weekend and was greeted with short lift lines and friendly faces to share in the stoke!

    @bearvalleyresort is located between Tahoe and Yosemite and is the perfect casual ski destination for friends and families. With a variety of terrain levels, rentals, a lodge and lots of dining options, it’s the perfect winter getaway.

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