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Building and maintaining trails for all to enjoy takes a lot of work. Consider giving to one of these trail organizations on this Giving Tuesday. ⁠

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Photo: Anothony Cupaiuolo / First Tracks Productions

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Our latest issue is out! We fell in love with this cover photo of Cody Townsend by Ming Poon because it’s all about hard work and determination. After twenty years of survival as a regional print outdoor magazine we can relate. We compete directly with Facebook and Instagram for advertising dollars and somehow we still break even or turn a small profit.

At a time when everyone is addicted to their smartphones we are fighting tooth and nail to stay relevant. Please pick up ASJ if you see a copy or better yet support us directly at

People are surprised to see high quality outdoor journalism in the humble pages of a free outdoor rag. We have world class writers and photographers who believe in ASJ and that’s why we are so lucky to have them.

In this issue Brennan Lagasse profiles Cody and his quest to ski the fifty classic ski descents, AKA “The Fifty.” Leonie Sherman has been writing for ASJ for over a decade and she profiles Booomers Bamboo Bikes in this issue. Meanwhile Kurt P Gensheimer follows Clint Claassen on his painful quest to climb one million feet on a mountain bike in less than a year while raising awareness about the loss of trails in El Dorado Hills. Chris Van Leuven celebrates senior climber Dierdre Wolownick as sho climbs El Cap on her 70th birthday and Krista Hammond provides ASJ readers with some ideas to support some amazing non profits.

Thanks for reading this post. The most important point we want to emphasize is our advertisers made this issue possible. They ignored the digital addiction industry and chose to support a family run print mag with their hard earned money. Please give them your support. It cost just over $22K to print and distribute this issue of ASJ, and that’s just breaking even and paying ourselves (Matt and Cathy) nothing. We have three kids and bills to pay so please please tell outdoor companies to support us. We do this because we believe in it but working for free is exhausting. Support us and support the following companies that believe in us!

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What's in YOUR backpack? Tell us in the comments ...

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How cool are the Radical Adventure Riders group?! Learn more about them in our latest issue 😎⁠

Photo: Jay Melena

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It may be getting colder, but does that really ever stop anyone from paddling out? What tricks do you have for combatting the winter weather? ...

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In addition to its unique location, China Peak remains one of the two remaining privately owned ski resorts in California, which is impressive considering there are 26 ski resorts in the state, total. This resort may be relatively small in size but just made a significant impact in the industry 🙌 Read more, 🔗 in bio 🤙 ...

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Get out there and EXPLORE 🗺️ Tag your adventure buddy and if they don't respond in 5 minutes they owe you an adventure 😆 ...

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Can you help us out? We are working on our winter issue. Which of these cover options do you like the best?

We are stoked to feature Cody Townsend with an article by long time contributor Brennan Lagasse. All three images are by Tahoe photographer Ming Poon.

Let us know which cover you like the most and look out for us at your favorite outdoor hub starting on Dec. 29th.

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California Local Amie Engerbretson talks about her time skiing with Warren Miller Entertainment Don’t miss Amie in Warren Miller’s 72nd film, Winter Starts Now! More info on our website, link in bio! ...

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Formerly known as Sorensen’s Resort, Wylder HOTEL Hope Valley near South Lake Tahoe offers up a variety of glamping options. After purchasing the resort, owner John Flannigan and his team restored the 30 rustic cabins of the original Sorensen’s Resort formerly owned by John and Patty Brissenden. These include some log cabins that were built in the early 1900s. Flanigan expanded the resort and bought the campground next door, which now includes scenic sites with seven custom yurts and a bakery. There’s also a vintage 1951 Spartan trailer on the property, perhaps heralding the arrival of more to come. Flannigan believes the mix of accommodation options makes it easier for folks to explore the outdoors in their own way. ...

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"Surfing is not only about catching waves. It is about being in the ocean, seeing an otter crack open a clam, having a pelican swoop overhead, and feeling the ocean glide through your fingers like silk. Surfing should be safe and inclusive to everyone, something to be cherished, not something you’re entitled to" Well said, Krista! ⁠

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Happy Sunday! What are your goals for the new week? ...

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