A Good Life and a Good Launch

Two days before ending his life by euthanasia on October 25, Yosemite Golden Age climber and Himalayan explorer Bob Swift shared his story with Adventure Sports Journal.

In 1952 Swift and Allen Steck made the first ascent of Yosemite Point Buttress. In 1954 Swift, Warren Harding and Frank Tarver made the second ascent of the Lost Arrow Chimney, then one of the most challenging routes in Yosemite. In 1958, he partnered with a team of eight Americans to make the first ascent of 26,509-foot Gasherbrum 1. “We got two people on top and we all came down alive,” he said. “We made the climbing journals and all that. It was the only 8,000-meter peak first climbed by Americans. It made a big splash.”

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