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⛰️ We were stoked to get this photo from our backpacking editor Matt Johanson. After years of reading and helping proof Matt's articles for ASJ, our wonderful Michele Lamelin got to be his trail angel this past weekend. Michele has been so inspired by Matt's backpacking stories, that she has gone on to sectioning the PCT with her dog Anneke. ⛺️ 🐕️ ⁠

🗣️ Matt had just completed a 1300+ mile section of the PCT. Matt messaged us saying, "I had such a good time driving back from Crater Lake with Michele last night. Not just because I needed a ride so badly (there’s no public transportation there , so I don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise), but because it was so fun to get to know her and talk about our mutual interests like hiking, dogs and contributing to the magazine. We might even hike a section of the PCT in SoCal together next year." 📰⁠

👏🏽 Our contributors come from all over the state, so having them get a chance to meet (and even be a trail angel) doesn't happen everyday.⁠❗️⁠

🙏🏼Thanks Matt for sharing your inspiring stories with ASJ readers, and thank you @michele_and_anneke for taking time out of your busy schedule to be Matt's trail angel. 😇 ⁠

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Bobby McMullen: 1964 – 2022⁠

The cycling community lost one of its best ambassadors to the sport last week. Bobby McMullen fought an extensive battle with diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, and other health issues with humility, grit and grace. ⁠

"Blind Bobby" lost his vision 30 years ago and never let that get in the way of him hitting the trails. We were honored to have him on our cover back in 2012. ⁠

Bobby leaves behind his wife Heidi and daughter Ella. Bobby and Heidi were set to celebrate their 10 year anniversary later this month.⁠

Click the 🔗 in our bio to learn more and read a tribute to Bobby by his longtime friend and riding partner @yhauswald.

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➡"I'm here because of stories that my grandma would share with me, and all our other elders. I picture them scurrying away from town when the siren did go off. People are still alive today that would have to leave town," said Washoe descendant Stacey Burns.

📸 Stacey Burns contemplates the legacy of the sundown sirens in the Carson Valley during the Siren Run. Photo by Anthony Cupaiuolo / @acwithft⁠

🔗 Learn about the Siren Run that happened earlier this year by checking the link in our bio. ⁠

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NEWS: Yvonn Chouinard gives Patagonia away, naming Earth as the company's only shareholder.⁠ ⁠

📸 Campbell Brewer⁠

➡️ Click the link 🔗 in our bio to read the full release. ⁠

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"Over the decades, Ken Yager has built the annual Facelift into the largest Yosemite gathering of the year, volunteering hundreds of hours to do something that gives back to the Park while making it fun. The film Free Solo premiered during one Facelift to a packed audience that went wild. After successful shows year after year in Yosemite, Yager is now taking it nationwide with Facelift Act Local."⁠

📸 A Facelift volunteer displaying the hashtag #DontFeedTheLandfills reminding us to reduce our trash footprint. Courtesy of @yosemitefacelift⁠

➡️ Check out our latest issue to read the full article by @chrisvanleuven ⁠

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The lure of adventuring, living, and working in nature is a strong one. Especially since COVID, many have hit the road in a van or camper to wander wherever their Wi-Fi lets them. But now we’re also hearing something else: some of our seasoned road warriors are settling down; they have built a home base for shorter, deeper explorations.⁠

That doesn’t mean they‘ve stopped adventuring, they are just seeking balance and respite. How do they do it? And why? You’ll find a mix of motivation and method in their stories, which follow 🚐 ⁠

Read the entire Home on the Road article over on our website! 🔗 link in bio⁠

Author: Anthea Raymond / 📸: Travis Burke

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Recap from this weekend's Northstar Enduro — round 5 of this year’s @ca-enduro — is on our site and available via the 🔗 in our bio ⬆️.⁠

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Big Sur - 3 Favorite Stops Along HWY 1⁠

Whether you are a born and raised Californian, or just a visitor to the Golden State; Big Sur is a must for any surfer. Jaw-dropping vistas, empty lineups, and a true detachment from the urban crowds; here are three spots to hit for the perfect Big Sur road trip.⁠

Read all about it on our website 🔗 Link in bio!⁠

Written by: Krista Houghton/ 📸: Will Truettner/Unsplash

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The road to Angel Lake in the Ruby Mountains, Nevada.⁠

📸: Sydney Martinez/ @travelnevada⁠

"Over three million people call the Silver State home, but almost 90% of them live in the state’s two main metropolitan areas.⁠That leaves about three people per square mile in the rest of Nevada’s windswept wild lands, one of the LOWEST POPULATION DENSITIES in the lower 48."⁠

Click the 🔗 in our bio, or pick up a hard copy of ASJ, to get inspired by Leonie Sherman's Nevada mountains sampler list : ➡️ — 🏔️ Ruby Mountains — 🏔️ East Humboldt — 🏔️ Toiyabe Ranges.⁠

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Our fall issue includes an article on how Paula Smith is creating a better future for Washoe youth through outdoor adventures and exploration.⁠

📸 Anthony Cupaiuolo / @acwithft⁠

📚️Pick up a copy to learn more, or click the link in our bio. 🔗 ⬆️⁠

🗣️In the article, Smith says "I always come back to Indian country because that's where the help is most needed ... Some staff and kids don't ever leave the reservation. My program is really trying to give these kids a wider experience." ⁠

❤️ Like this if you support outdoor access for Native youth⁠


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@suzanneroberts28 shares how having an abortion 30 years ago allowed her to live her authentic life.

In the article she says: ⁠

"We’re not supposed to say that having an abortion was the⁠ best choice we have made for ourselves; we are not supposed⁠ to say that our lives — the lives of girls and women — are⁠ more important than the almost-life of the fetus. And we⁠ are definitely not supposed to say that we would rather⁠ ski and hike and travel than raise children."⁠

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📸 Thomas Greene⁠

#therighttochoose #lifeoutdoors #choosingmypath

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For the first time ever in the 71-year history of Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort (@dodgeridge) the Central Sierra destination will open the mountain to chairlift-accessed mountain biking on Saturday and Sunday, August 13-14, 2022. On Opening Day, Saturday, August 13 at 9am, when the lifts start turning, there will be a competition to see who can get first chair for the inaugural season kick-off preceded by a ribbon cutting and official commemoration of the moment.⁠

You definitely do not want to miss the details on this celebration! Visit our website for the scoop. Link in bio 🔗

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