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Official Trailer: Warren Miller’s “Face of Winter”

69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment features some of Miller’s favorite locations

LOVING THE PURE JOYS OF WINTER is something we have in common with the late, great Warren Miller, who helped create and capture the magic of skiing. This fall, Face of Winter — the 69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment presented by Volkswagen — will bring new and veteran athletes together to pay tribute to the man who started it all.

Visit some of Warren’s favorite locations, from Engleberg to Chamonix, British Columbia to Alaska, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, Washington and more. Watch as world-class athletes like Jessie Diggins, Anna Segal, Dash Longe, Forrest Jillson, Amie Engerbretson, Seth Wescott, Jim Ryan and others carve down the faces of remote mountain ranges and pursue the thrills of a life lived in high places.

Follow along and celebrate a life lived in high places at


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Official Trailer: Ode to Muir – The High Sierra

New film from Teton Gravity Research stars professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect our Winters Jeremy Jones

TETON GRAVITY’S NEWEST FILM ODE TO MUIR pairs professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect Our Winters Jeremy Jones with two-time Olympian Elena Hight as they embark on a 40-mile foot-powered expedition deep into California’s John Muir Wilderness. Their journey balances the challenges of winter camping, grueling climbs up the Sierra’s biggest mountains, and aesthetic first descents with personal reflections on the importance of the natural world and those who first traveled it generations ago, and sharing perspectives gleaned from what it truly means to explore a great American Wilderness.

Get more information, including tour dates and tickets, at



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Video: REEL ROCK 12 Trailer

Tickets now available for climbing’s biggest film festival

REEL ROCK has been following the world’s most exciting climbers, documenting their gripping tales and groundbreaking sends. REEL ROCK 12 brings you stories from the edge, featuring big names and breakout stars. Starring Margo Hayes, the first woman to climb 5.15; Brad Gobright, an up-and-coming free soloist with a donut addiction; the return of Chris Sharma to the deep water soloing stage; and introducing Maureen Beck, a one-handed crusher who’s gonna knock your socks off.

2017 LINE-UP

Above the Sea
Legendary climber Chris Sharma returns to the island of Mallorca where he discovers an untouched, sweeping wall. If he can endure numerous heart-stopping plunges into the sea and finally link the moves, he will establish what may be the world’s hardest deep water solo climb.

Break on Through
In modern rock climbing, 5.15 is the top of the difficulty scale, a …

Best of the Fests 2019

Here comes festival season!

There’s something for everyone, from gatherings for beer lovers to music fests to celebrations of the myriad of human-powered summer sports. If you know of a festival not on this list, let us know and we’ll add it! ASJ partners are FULLY in bold — we appreciate their support of adventure enthusiasts throughout California, western Nevada and beyond.


>> Coachella – April 12-14 & 19-21 • Indio // Music and Arts Festival in the Coachella Valley. //

>> Lucidity Festival – April 12-14 • Santa Ynez  // An open-source transformational arts and music festival. //

>> Desert Hearts – April 26-29 • Los Coyotes Indian Reservation // A tribute to House, Techno, & Love with intimate gatherings focused on art, music and community. //

>> Back to the Beach – April 27-28 • Huntington Beach // Enjoy two days in the sand …

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How You Can Help California Wildfire Victims

Three ways to help

We at Adventure Sports Journal extend our sincere condolences to those in the California wildfires who have lost their homes and/or loved ones. Below are three ways people can help the victims of these tragic fires. It is inspiring to see how the community is pulling together in support of one another.

Do note that these are only three ways to help out of many others. A number of people and organizations are putting together benefits and we can’t cover them all here, but folks can share and post them for FREE on our website here. If you know of an event, please do add it and let’s spread the word far and wide!

ONE // Runner Helping Runner Benefit Run and Gear Drive for North Bay Fire Victims

Runners can donate new or barely used running shoes and clothing on Saturday, October 21 to …

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Headlands Brewing Company

Endurance athlete Phil Cutti tinkers his way to top brew

By Derrick Peterman

Have you heard the saying “Never trust a skinny brewer”? Whoever said that never tasted Phil Cutti’s beer. When Phil Cutti wasn’t running, cycling, or swimming, he worked as an exercise physiologist in the Bay Area. He entered triathlons, biked all over California, and did open water swims like the Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, covering ten miles from Huntington Beach to Seal Beach in Southern California. But there was something else Phil loved to do outdoors besides test his endurance: brew beer. For eighteen years, he tweaked and tinkered with home brewing recipes in his backyard. Once he figured out the different recipes for his beers, he then focused on making each batch taste the same as before. One day, there came a moment where he tasted all the beers he made and realized “I’m …

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The Rise of Craft Hard Cider

Small batch breweries focus on quality ingredients

By Derrick Peterman

Hard cider is hot. Virtually non-existent in the United States just five years ago, cider consumption has more than tripled between 2011 and 2013, from 9.4 to 32 million gallons according to the Beer Institute. In 2014, Nielsen reported off-premise cider sales grew by 71%.

There’s plenty of excitement surrounding this beverage made by fermenting the sugars in apple juice. Look around and you’ll see billboards and advertisements touting all sorts of new cider drinks and brands. Behind these mass-market ciders you’ll find mass market breweries. Both Smith & Forge and Crispin Cider are owned by MillerCoors, Strongbow Cider is owned by Heineken, and  Johnny Appleseed Cider is part of  Anheuser-Busch. Then there’s Redd’s Apple Ale owned by SABMiller, which isn’t actually a cider but a beer blended with apple juice and other flavors. The market leader in cider …

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California Brewing: Anheuser-Busch

Something more than beer is brewing in Fairfield

By Derrick Peterman


I recently visited a brewery that’s one of the most aggressive in California at reducing its environmental footprint. Since 2007, it reduced its water usage by 47%. It installed its first wind turbine in 2011 and its second one in 2014. Combined with a 7-acre solar array, 30% of its power is generated by renewable energy. It initiated a number of bio-energy recovery systems and recycles 99% of its solid waste. What brewery is this? It’s the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Fairfield.

Does that surprise you? Craft breweries like Sierra Nevada, New Belgium and Anderson Valley have long been examples of how beer can be brewed with less water and energy, while using fewer materials and releasing less carbon into the air. Plenty of other smaller, local breweries followed suit. Say what you want about Anheuser-Busch being one of those …

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California Brewing: Session Beers

Three session beers worth earning and the stories behind them

By Derrick Peterman

Just what is a “session beer” anyway?  Terms like Saison, Hefeweizen, IPA and now session beer entering our beer vocabulary can be confusing to those just looking for something good to drink. Session beer makes things even worse because the term is rather vague and subjective.

Session beer loosely describes beers low in alcohol and easy to drink yet flavorful such that they can be effortlessly enjoyed in a casual setting. Beer writer Lew Bryson, considered an authority on session beers, has tried to capture their essence, describing them as: containing 4.5% alcohol by volume or less; flavorful enough to be interesting; balanced enough for multiple pints; conducive to conversation; and reasonably priced.

While beer geeks continue to passionately debate these gray areas, plenty of session beers are enjoyed around the campfire, on the beach or …

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California Brewing: Mavericks Brewing

Big taste that won’t slow you down

Some breweries are launched in corporate boardrooms. Others originate from the backyards of home brewers. Mavericks Brewing in Half Moon Bay started after a bike ride.

Mavericks is the brain child of Pete Slosberg, best known as the Pete of Pete’s Wicked Ale. An avid cyclist, he often went on long journeys starting from his home in San Francisco. “I would go on 25-40 mile bike trips, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and eventually stop at the Marin Brewing Company taproom in Larkspur. Problem was, after stopping there for a beer or two, I didn’t feel steady enough to get back on my bike and head home. Instead, I’d take the ferry.” Loving the reward of a good tasting beer but not enjoying the effects of too much alcohol, he hit upon the idea of brewing low alcohol craft beers for active people.…

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Winter Brews

Three seasonal beers worth earning

By Derrick Peterman

California beer lovers rejoice in the numerous winter offerings from West Coast breweries. The dark, rich malts and the spices many brewers use in their winter releases create deep, complex flavors. Here are three notable winter beers and a few words from the brewmasters behind them.
Gordon Biersch: WinterBock

Winterbock_BottleWinter beers are often associated with the modern craft brewing revolution, but they actually originated centuries ago. Gordon Biersch WinterBock was inspired by the monastery breweries in Munich that developed the beer in the 11th century as a way to stay “happy” during lent. Dan Gordon, Brewmaster at Gordon Biersch discovered this style in 1980 when he was an exchange student in Germany. A few years later, he returned to Germany to spend four years at the Technical University of Munich’s brewing program learning traditional German brewing techniques he would bring …

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The Evolution of Organic Beer

Visionary brewers make high integrity beer a reality

By Derrick Peterman

Hops Plants Buds Growing in Farmer's Field Oregon Agriculture

Organic beer is a relative newcomer to the organic food movement. The first certified organic beer was brewed in 1999 by Eel River Brewing located just south of Eureka, CA. Over the next fifteen years, organic beer transformed from a curiosity to a movement itself within the larger American craft brewing revolution. Along the way, organic beer has become a real option for beer drinkers seeking beer for both health and environmental reasons due to its improved availability, price competitiveness, and yes, flavor.

dan drinkingEarly Experiences Influence Organic Brewers
For Bison Brewing’s Daniel Del Grande, observing the destruction of duck habitats in California’s Central Valley due to farming irrigation in the 1980’s motivated him to seek organic alternatives. Selenium was accumulating in the soil and food chain causing deformity in duck embryos. “Beginning with these experiences, I studied examples of …

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Beyond the Pale

The story of Sierra Nevada’s maverick founding father
By Derrick Peterman


When compiling a list of notable California entrepreneurs, people like David Packard, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk usually spring to mind. Given the national obsession with Sierra Nevada Brewing’s signature pale ale, founder Ken Grossman’s name should also appear on any such list.

In Grossman’s long awaited autobiography Beyond the Pale, readers learn the story of Sierra Nevada Brewing, from humble beginnings in Chico to current status as a national craft brewing institution. The book is a fascinating self-portrait of someone who over thirty years ago hand built a brewery out of little more than discarded scraps salvaged from junk yards.

Back in those days, distribution meant Grossman driving his old pickup truck to the few stores that would actually sell his beer. His typical twelve-plus hour days were mainly spent returning antique bottling lines to functionality, …

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Winter Brews: Our favorite seasonal ales

By Derrick Peterman

ANCHOR BREWING: Anchor Christmas Ale


It’s a tradition that started at Anchor Brewing in 1975 when they released their Liberty Ale, which soon was named “Our Special Ale” during the winter holidays and today is sold as “Anchor Christmas Ale.” Each year, Anchor Brewing changes both the recipe and label artwork for this beer. The ingredients are a closely held company secret, but it’s usually a dark, malty, nutty tasting ale, with notes of holiday spices like ginger, nutmeg, chocolate, and cinnamon added to the mix. Anchor won’t tell you what hops they use either, but typically it’s lightly hopped to add an earthy or fruity twist to the brew.

SIERRA NEVADA: Celebration Ale

Sierra Nevada is a brewery that has gone the opposite flavor direction from Anchor with their Celebration Ale, meaning the hops are front and center. Sierra Nevada uses Cascade, Centennial and …

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The Breweries of Santa Cruz County

By Derrick Peterman

Say the word “Santa Cruz” and most people think of surfing, mountain biking, or good times at the beach. Now Santa Cruz is getting a reputation for great beer as well, thanks to a small but lively brewing community. Santa Cruz County had a couple of California’s earliest craft breweries when Seabright Brewery opened in 1988, and Boulder Creek Brewery opened up a year later. Then after a relatively quiet period of fifteen years, new breweries started popping up every couple of years. In many cases the seeds of each new brewery were planted by the breweries that came before it.

Share a pint with Seabright brewmaster Jason Chavez and he’ll gladly tell plenty of stories on how the Santa Cruz brewing scene came to be. Jason started brewing at the tender age of 17 when he first tried his hand at home brewing. And what …

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