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Trail Building for the Long Ride

From the coast to the Sierra crest, more terrain hungry mountain bikers are picking up shovels to improve old trails and create new classics each day. But if you want to build something that will stand the test of time and countless tires without degrading into an environmental nuisance, you’ll need to follow the principles of responsible, sustainable singletrack design.

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Working the 24-Hour Shift

My 24 hour mountain bike racing career started in 2006. A long-term adventure racing team sponsor bowed out and I was left with the task of redefining myself as an athlete or getting a real job. Fortunately, my sponsors Red Bull and Specialized were supportive in my quest to avoid a nine-to-five existence. For lack of a better idea, I decided to take my endurance experience into mountain bike racing. I knew I could race for days on end from my adventure racing career, but had no idea if I was fast enough or good enough on a bike. I had never actually entered an official mountain bike race or ridden against any women. I won the first 24 hour race I participated in that year in Spokane, WA. It was my test run and I beat everyone in the race, including the men. I took it as a sign. Nine to five would have to wait.

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Behold the SUB

For the most part, American society celebrates the bicycle as merely a toy and exercise machine. We love our 17-pound carbon road bikes, 6-inch travel “freeride” gravity chasers, wind-cheating tri mounts, hill-flattening cross-country steeds, chro-mo single-speed hardtails, and flip-flop-daydream beach cruisers … among other micro-niche two-wheel subsets.

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Our 20 Year Anniversary Issue is a wrap! Look out for us at your favorite bike or gear shop next week.⁠

A big thanks to our advertisers who believe in and support grassroots media. ⁠

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Perhaps most well known for their trail building around the Lost Sierra and hosting world class events like the @downievilleclassic, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) is creating "A Trail for Everyone" — a world-class multiple-use trail system that will cover 300 miles of breathtaking views and link 15 disadvantaged mountain communities across Plumas, Sierra, Butte and Lassen Counties. ⁠

Click the to see "A Trail for Everyone" video highlighting this great project. ⁠

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The Environment (E-Bike) Act is a proposed tax credit to help more people have access to E-bikes and help promote green transportation. ⁠

"By incentivizing the use of electric bicycles to replace car trips through a consumer tax credit, we can not only encourage more Americans to transition to greener modes of transportation, but also help fight the climate crisis.” — Jimmy Panetta (D-CA)⁠

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Her daughter probably says it best when describing her mom, Dore Bietz — “She’s in, all-or-nothing.”⁠

Bietz is a member of the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians and is in the top 5% of women National Ski Patrol in the Far West division — she is a National Ski Patrol Representative and works at Kirkwood and Dodge Ridge.⁠

As a Land Consultant for the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians, Bietz advocates for the return of tribal lands to original inhabitants. She also works as the Emergency Manager/Planner for the tribe and secured PPE for tribal members early in the pandemic — there have been no cases of COVID-19 on the Tuolumne Rancheria.⁠

See to for more images and info about this powerhouse. Story and photos by @TracyBarbutes⁠


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“In a moment like that you realize what we are doing at Outdoor Outreach,” explains Lesford Duncan, Outdoor Outreach’s Senior Director of Programs.⁠

“The outdoors is this incredible place where we can help build confidence and resilience, we can help youth find a sense of joy, or belonging or healing. So many youth we work with lack access to these spaces, and that’s an injustice in and of itself.”⁠

Photo: @OutdoorOutreach

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Fresh corduroy on Crystal Ridge at Diamond Peak Ski Resort. Photo by Ryland West⁠

Don't miss this view this season. Make sure to plan ahead. On-line day-of sales possible when inventory is available at @diamondpeak, but pre-purchase in advance for best rates. ⁠

Read more info on resort policies this winter. Know before you go. ⁠

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Ski Mt Shasta Ski Park this winter. Reservations are NOT required, but on-line prepurchase is encouraged in case the resort hits capacity.⁠ Know before you go.⁠ Photo @mtshastaskipark

Read more in the link in our bio.⁠

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Check out our tips for hitting the slopes this winter. ⁠

Photo of Isaac Laredo in his happy place — exploring new lines and finding powder at @diamondpeak Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe. ⁠

Photo by Ryland West, courtesy of Diamond Peak. ⁠

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If you are in the San Diego area check out Ale Smith Brewing Company's Anvil of Hope beer. This Hazy IPA "pours it forward" with proceeds benefitting COVID-19 frontline workers. ⁠

Tasting notes: pretty much everything you’d expect in a 7.5% hazy IPA, meaning there’s citrus and other tropical fruits. It tastes great knowing that monies are going to people serving their fellow human beings.⁠

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⛷🏂🎿❄️⛄️💓#Repost @mtshastaskipark
All of our trails are OPEN! Tubing is also OPEN!
What is your favorite trail?

Our parking lot is full, and we are at capacity, thanks for understanding.

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ATTENTION TRAIL USERS: Please take a moment to read, remember and practice trail etiquette. ⁠

A few days after our article on trail etiquette went to press ASJ publisher Cathy Claesson was forced off the trail and into a ditch resulting in a severely broken foot — full recovery (if possible) will take at least a year. The other rider was going so fast and out of control, he didn't even stop to check if she was ok.⁠

This was on a fire road and could have easily been avoided if the downhill rider was familiar with and followed the rules of the trail. In this case he wasn't following two important rules that are outlined in the beginning of our article.⁠



These come from the "rules of the road."⁠

With so many people hitting the trails, it is important for everyone's safety that users are familiar with this topic. Please read, review, share and become familiar with trail etiquette. Keep yourself and others safe while out there. ⁠

Article by Krista Hammond Houghton⁠

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