Justifying a bad decision to be a slacker

By Sarah Hansing

This is exactly the sort of awesomeness one misses when one opts for binging on Netflix over riding one's bike. Sayin'. Photo: Bruce Dorman

This is exactly the sort of awesomeness one misses when one opts for binging on Netflix over riding one’s bike. Sayin’.
Photo: Bruce Dorman

Hi. My name is Sarah, and I am a tremendous hypocrite.  

It’s not intentional, mind you. But nonetheless, I’ve been TOTALLY remiss in practicing what I preach, so to speak.

I want to have a “rah rah and huzzah” message this week, but the reality is, I was a complete and total slacker ALL WEEK. I didn’t ride. I didn’t want to ride. I didn’t have an epiphany that made me go ride. And I didn’t have a come-to-jesus moment on the trails, due to the fact that I didn’t ride on them this week.

I’m not proud of myself, you know.

It’s just …  I just felt shattered this week – totally ready for a nap at any time. And even though I KNOW I would’ve felt better if I just got out there and pedaled a little bit …

I just couldn’t motivate myself to do it.

Even though I don’t wish this state of mind upon any of you, I like to think I’m not alone in my … er … “rest week” mentality. I’m trying to just be okay with it. But it bothers me, because it really WASN’T a conscious decision that was made in the best interest of my fitness and training. It was the opposite of that. I just wanted to binge watch Netflix and drink some beer and eat some things that were in no way a part of a diet that ANYone would encourage. And I did just that. I did nothing. All week. (I mean, nothing except binge watch Netflix and eat crappy food and stuff. I also went to bed unreasonably early every night.)

Here’s the thing, though: Although I discovered I have A LOT more free time (or something) when I’m not riding, I don’t feel great. I feel sort of lost. A bit out of sorts. Super tired. Not the most patient. (I dare say I may even get a bit stabby, when I don’t ride).

So let’s just call last week an experiment, shall we?  

I’m not going to promise that there won’t – at some point – be ANOTHER experiment along the lines of this one (y’know, can never have too many data points for reference, right?). But for now, I’m going to board the struggle bus and force myself back out on the bike. And yes.  I do mean force myself. Sometimes it isn’t fun to get out there. But it nearly always turns into a good thing. Good for the body, good for the soul, and good for the brain.

See ya on the trails!     


​Fat Tire Tuesday columnist Sarah Hansing has been slinging wrenches as a pro bike mechanic for 15 years (with the exception of a one year stint working for Trek Bicycles in Wisconsin.) Epicenter Cycling scooped her up as their lead mechanic and the shop’s crew plans to ​keep her forever. Sarah loves riding singlet​rack, wrenching on bikes, and hanging out with her jerk-face but adorable cat Harlan. (Who is a jerk.)