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A short documentary on big wave surfer Russell Bierke ‘Bezerke’

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Russell Bierke conquers waves. Meet the young Australian surfer who fearlessly travels the world chasing big waves and inspiring surfers alike.

2016 marked Russ’s last major video edit after he took the crown at Cape Fear. At just eighteen he won this competition and made a name for himself. Russell wasn’t just a young kid anymore, he was an impressive athlete. Three years later the short documentary FLOW STATE is grabbing attention. Once again the young 22-year-old is charging big waves all over.

What is most impressive about Russell isn’t just his ability to take on big-waves with confidence. It is also his charismatic personality. A young grom at heart, Russell lives and breathes the ocean. He has grown up with its unpredictability. He knows how to coexist with it.

Surfing is perceived differently for everyone. It is a moment in time where the individual is alone with themselves and the water. Russell says, “If I am feeling good and in the zone, it is almost as if every step and move is subconscious”. His fearless attitude has led him to surf notable breaks all over the world. Recently Russ challenged an enormous set in Portugal where 60 ft waves promised serious danger. “It’s a bit addictive—that adrenaline rush,” he laughs. For Russell surfing has been a symbol of freedom. It has given him the confidence to push through boundaries and overcome many obstacles.

Follow Russ on this stimulating audio-visual journey. Directed and produced by Andrew Kaineder, learn how Russ defies gravity, while his feet remain glued to the board. Watch as ‘Bezerke’ conquers intimidating swells.

Check out Bierke’s Instagram: @russellbierke

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