Goodies for your active lifestyle

1. Tepui Ruggedized Kukanam Sky 3 Rooftop Tents

Maybe you have seen these Tepui tents on car roof racks as you drive around town and wondered what rooftop camping is all about. We say don’t be surprised if you never want to camp on the ground again after trying a Tepui tent for the first time … it’s that comfortable.

We tried ours for the first time at the Tepuifest in Hollister, an annual camping festival of Tepui owners hosted by the company. It takes less than ten minutes to set up and we slept like babies on the memory foam mattress while it rained all night. At 210 pounds the Ruggedized model is right at the limit for some car roof racks, so make sure you check the dynamic weight capacity of your roof racks in the manufacturers specs of your particular vehicle.

The …