I knew from a early age that bicycles were going to be a big part of my life. I started racing BMX at the age of 5. Growing up, I arranged my bedroom to look more like a bike shop than a bedroom. Tools, bikes, parts, bike magazines etc. I was known as the kid who was always on his bike. As a teenager I worked at a bike shop in Chico Ca. In the late 1980’s the owners of this bicycle shop considered opening another location in Oroville Ca. They didn’t pursue this new location and actually sold there 2 locations in Chico and gracefully stepped away from the bicycle business. I thought their idea of locating in Oroville was a great idea. So much so, I opened Greenline Cycles in Oroville in June of 1992. Since then I have enjoyed turning a passion into a career. The customers, fellow employees and friendships have made the last 21 years amazing. In May of 2012, Greenline opened it’s 2nd location in Chico ca. Now celebrating 21 years in Oroville and 1 year in Chico. What a great ride it’s been!