Catching Up With Truckee Newlyweds

By Pete Gauvin

Scott Williamson & Michelle Turley

At the Washington and Oregon border, just north of the Bridge of the Gods.

‘Tropical islands, beach bungalows and fruity drinks with umbrellas. Ho hum and a bottle of rum. That’s so, uh, pedestrian … You know, honey, there’s a trail that runs 2,650 miles from Canada to Mexico, over some of the West’s most rugged terrain. We’ll put about 10 pounds of bare-minimum essentials in ultralight packs, lace up some comfy shoes and lock up the house for four months. It’ll be a wonderful honeymoon!’

In all honesty, Michelle Turley knew there would be no beach bungalow in her honeymoon when she married Scott Williamson on the shore of Donner Lake in early June. For Scott is a thru-hiker, nonpareil. He’s walked the length of Pacific Crest Trail nine times. He’s the first one to have …