Lost Sierra Electric Bike Festival
August 27, Portola


Eco Bike Adventures has collaborated with trailblazing pioneers of the electric bike movement, creating an event that is focused on the electric bike experience.

The Lost Sierra Electric Bike Festival is a day of fun, competition, networking, and fellowship for all electric bike enthusiasts. The event offers something for everyone from competitions, exhibitions, and free demo rides and tours.

Competitive events include a trail race and a 100-meter drag race.

The trail race is similar in design to a mountain bike all-mountain race or a dirt bike trail race, testing the bike and its riders limits. The course is 10-12 miles of single track winding throughout Eco Bike Adventures’ 2,000-acre property. The top three finishers in each category (pedal assist open, throttle assist open, and kids’ trial) will be awarded so be prepared to strategize how to manage your battery, motor, and drivetrain so you can finish the race.

The electric bike version of a quarter-mile drag race, the drag race is a straight forward 100-meter off-road drag race against the clock and other racers. The top three finishers in each category will be awarded so expect to strategize how to manage your motor, drivetrain, and legs.

The festival’s free expo includes a Long Jump Challenge, Best in Show Ebike Build, Trail Tour Demos, and Ebike Demos. A buffet lunch will be served on the day of the event, followed by music to keeping the energy flowing all day.

There will be camping on site for a limited amount of reservations. Dry camping includes shower, toilet, central fire.

Free solar charging will be available at this family-oriented, pet friendly event.