Will the Election Affect the Adventure Sports Community?


Do you feel the election is going to affect the adventure sports community? Tell us how.

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Check out this issue’s Editor’s Note for Matt Niswonger’s take on the 2017 presidential election: A Ripple in the Force.

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  1. Bethany Sagsveen

    Yes the next month will raise a number of questions but i think you need to consider the whole picture.
    Recently it has been announced that the outdoor industry will now be included into the national gross domestic product (GDP). I think it is interesting to consider how that will impact our industry and politics going forward.
    Will a drought and low snow year pull down snow equipment and lift ticket sales(unacessable ticket prices, we shall discuss on another day!), will NPS revenues be considered?
    Overall I think it might have been an absolutely brilliant move to provide protection as an important piece of the economy…or totally dastardly way to create new money ventures. It is too soon to know, but an interesting idea to consider.
    Will our pursuits be valued, now that they will literally be counting it’s value?

  2. Jeff McGuire

    Thanks for magazine I found in Santa Barbara.

  3. George Samuel

    My back went out from stress the day after the election.

  4. Mary becheter

    I am very hopeful that our environment shall not be impacted

  5. bob

    I don’t think politicians care about the sports community, well maybe sports like football and baseball.

  6. b

    no, just print the fun stuff, who needs to be depressed



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