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One Wheel Will Do, Thanks

“First off, people can’t be posers,” Corbin Dunn says. Riding a 36” fat-wheeled Coker unicycle, Dunn powers up a steep road in Los Gatos on a weeknight ride with a motley contingent of mountain unicyclists. The lone wheel is enormous. He powers up hill faster than a typical mountain biker. On the descents, his legs spin madly, trying to keep his feet on the pedals. He has broken his “handlebar,” a small carbon-fiber nub under his seat. Regardless, he aims for a berm on the side of the road. He bails at the last second, falling nearly four feet off his perch. He remounts in one fluid succession of movements.

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Destination: Santa Cruz

While municipal bigwigs argue whether Santa Cruz or Huntington Beach can claim the title of being the original Surf City, Santa Cruzians continue to live the California beach lifestyle. With an envious blend of coastline and public open space, local garages are commonly packed with bikes, surfboards and kayaks rather than cars.

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FLASHBACK: Red Lining on the Anguish Index: The Velodramatic History of the Race Across America

In 1982, a McDonald's in the sun-scorched desert town of Blythe was the fueling station for the lead racer in the inaugural version of a solo cycling race across the entire continental United States. That racer was Lon Haldeman. He rode on junk food, little water and even less sleep for the next nine days and 20 hours to win the first-ever Race Across America (RAAM) out of a field of four.

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Flashback: High Peaks and Deep Canyons by Kayak

The late 1970s and the early ‘80s were a time of fierce and friendly competition to claim first kayak and raft descents down hundreds of miles of unexplored California rivers. In order to make a successful first descent more likely, most boaters explored Sierra rivers in teams. Two teams stood out for the number and difficulty of first runs they made -- the team of Reg Lake, Doug Tompkins, and Royal Robbins, which came to be known as the “Billy Goat Crew;” and the team of Lars Holbeck, Chuck Stanley and Richard Montgomery, known as “The Hipsters on the Move.”

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Beginners Series

It’s springtime. There is still snow on the mountain passes, but some of it has started to melt. Rivers are beginning to run, creating ideal playground flows for boaters. And the winds that surge in with March and April are arriving in gusts, churning up waves. Conditions are perfect for playing outside.

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Gear: Backcountry Stoves

The improvement of stoves and hydrate-and-serve backpacking cuisine has fostered a culinary appreciation even amongst light-and-fast aficionados. But before they can argue the finer points of rehydrating their backcountry delicacies, they have to pick a stove, which can be a very tough choice, indeed. Here is a breakdown of the different stove types and what sets each one apart:

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Fido in the Snow

If your dog looks like an Alaskan malamute or a Swiss mountain dog, chances are your pooch takes to snow like a five-year-old Norwegian kid. Certain dog breeds, such as Huskies and St. Bernard’s, have been bred for cold weather pursuits for centuries. However, if your dog is not one of those thick-coat snow-adapted canines and spends most of his days running around in milder climates and suburban backyards, you may need to prep your pooch before heading for the high country, perhaps even buy him a new outfit or at least some winter accessories.

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Heliocentric: Love the Sun without Getting Burned

Most people know the basics of protecting themselves from the sun’s ill effects—wear sunscreen, avoid the sun between 10 AM and 3 PM, and avoid using baby oil while lying on a reflective mat. But there are a lot of sun protection myths out there. Since the rate of skin cancer in the US is now about 1 person in 35, it’s important to know the truth about sun safety.

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Roy Tuscany suffered a spinal injury in 2006. After his recovery he founded @hi5sfoundation, a non-profit that has helped hundreds of injured athletes and veterans from across the country. ⁠

“The massive thing I’ve recognized through this work is that sports are a byproduct of community,” Tuscany explains. “We know that if we can get people back to sport, we can use sport as a vehicle to get them back to community and social interaction. We use sport as a way to integrate people back into … people.”⁠

📸 @ming.t.poon⁠

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We hope you and yours are having a great holiday season.⁠

📆As we near the end of 2022, here are some highlights by our contributing editor Matt Johanson — pictured here. ⁠

🎉 2022 saw the pandemic recede, wildfires decrease and outdoor recreation dramatically improve as a result. ⁠

🌈 California opened the door to increased outdoor opportunities by committing $57 million for underprivileged people in 125 communities. ⁠

🏂🏼 The Outdoor Access for All initiative will fund access to nature, outdoor leadership education and career pathways. Thousands of people will experience hiking, camping, kayaking, snowboarding and more as a result. ⁠

🏕️ “These programs will turn parks into outdoor classrooms, inspiring a new generation of environmental leadership in California,” said California State Parks Director Armando Quintero.⁠

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Regular ASJ contributor Krista Houghton has always been on the lookout for trash on her outdoor adventures. 🏞⁠

This past year, she’s bumped up her efforts – accompanied by her husband – by getting out in her own neighborhood with a trash bag and picker. What started as a downer as she made her neighborhood rounds has developed into a sense of pride in caring for the area she lives in. 🏡 ⁠

Imagine the good vibes and clean public places if we all followed Krista’s example! 💓⁠

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