Nevada County Women’s Mountain Bike Skills Clinic and Camp

October 13-14 • Nevada City

Nevada County Women's Mountain Bike Skills Clinic and Camp

Photo: Mike Oitzman

TODAY, MORE LADIES THAN EVER ARE JOINING THE RAD GROUP OF FOLKS known as mountain bikers. Mountain biking is an amazing sport that includes everyone of all ages. Whether you race or ride for fun and fitness, all riders can benefit from a skills clinic. Women tend to learn mountain biking skills faster from female coaches … you might say we speak the same language. Female coaches break things down and explain skills in a way that make sense. If you have never attended a women’s mountain bike skills clinic, you are missing out!

This October, Jet Lowe — founder of YBONC (Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County) — along with Paige Ramsey and Jeni Bolthauser of Women’s MTB Experience, will be hosting the Nevada County Women’s Mountain Bike Skills Clinic and Camp. This 2-day event is well attended and loads of fun. The clinic teaches the basics through advanced techniques. All levels are welcome, from the total newbie to the advanced rider. Building your skills not only builds your confidence but makes you a better and safer rider. Many riders develop bad habits and it’s important to have a coach check out your riding skills and remind you of proper body position, correct cornering and braking techniques. More advanced skills such as front and rear wheel lifts, bunny hops, drops, high speed cornering and more will be addressed for those so inclined.

Ramsey and Bolthauser of Women’s MTB Experience will share their knowledge along with pro enduro racer Amy Morrison October 13-14, 2018 at the Inn Town Campground in Nevada City. Camping is available at the campground but there are also plenty of other local accommodations for those wanting something different. Gourmet meals will be provided and you can put your new skills to the test with a no drop ride on our local trails.

This event is limited to just fifty ladies. for more information and registration for this incredible clinic.

Make lasting friendships, learn new skills, forget bad habits and make it a ladies weekend!

Nevada County Women's Mountain Bike Skills Clinic and Camp

Photo: Mike Oitzman



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