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Building MTB trails for all

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Stand Up with the Children

 Whether passenger or pilot, tips for introducing kids to paddleboarding

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    • Gear We Love: ENO Upcycled Dog Collar & Leash

      Gear We Love: ENO Upcycled Dog Collar & Leash

      Longtime ASJ supporter Eagle’s Nest Outfitters, the company known for high quality backpacking hammocks, is now making dog collars and leashes from upcycled webbing.Read More »
    • The Gear Junkie — Skora Running Shoes

      The Gear Junkie — Skora Running Shoes

      Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Asics. . . the big boys used to be the only option when you stepped into a store in search of running shoes. No longer. These days, a mega-trend of footwear that is more mi …Read More »
    • NuVinci Bike Transmission

      NuVinci Bike Transmission

      With a simple twist of the wrist, the promotional materials read, you can shift this bike in a way that's "as easy as adjusting the volume on a radio." As bike-industry marketing speak goes, the "radi …Read More »
    • Fat Bike Trend

      Fat Bike Trend

      It was a frozen day in 2006 when I first swung a leg over the frame of a fat bike. Back then these large-tire bikes were made only by custom frame-builders who liked to pedal in snow and a single Minn …Read More »
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    • California Brewing: Mavericks Brewing

      California Brewing: Mavericks Brewing

      Some breweries are launched in corporate boardrooms. Others originate from the backyards of home brewers. Mavericks Brewing in Half Moon Bay started after a bike ride.Read More »
    • Winter Brews

      Winter Brews

      Winter beers are often associated with the modern craft brewing revolution, but they actually originated centuries ago. Gordon Biersch WinterBock was inspired by the monastery breweries in Munich that …Read More »
    • The Evolution of Organic Beer

      The Evolution of Organic Beer

      Organic beer is a relative newcomer to the organic food movement. The first certified organic beer was brewed in 1999 by Eel River Brewing located just south of Eureka, CA.Read More »
    • Beyond the Pale

      Beyond the Pale

      When compiling a list of notable California entrepreneurs, people like David Packard, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk usually spring to mind. Given the national obsession with Sierra Nevada Brewing’s signatu …Read More »
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