Your best bet for Tahoe Backcountry
Words and Photos by Brennan Lagasse

What winter loving Californian doesn’t want to get out and stretch their legs a bit, tap into a snowcentric workout, and take in some world-class views? Yes there’s global weirding and the Sierra Nevada is currently grinding out its third poor winter in a row, and no matter if you live in or near the mountains, everyone’s getting a little stir crazy. But that doesn’t mean you have to give into the gloom and doom of the latest climate models.

Being a member of the backcountry skiing community is all about working with what’s available. This winter season, to get a good snow workout with skins or snowshoes you’re going to have to be resourceful. An adventurous attitude will go a long ways, too.

Donner Pass has long been a special place for snow-lovers from the Golden …