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Last Ranger Standing

Oldest ranger in Kings Canyon NP celebrates 41 years of service Story and photos by Leonie Sherman...


Shape of the Future

When it comes to SUPs, Bob Pearson is all about having fun and getting exercise By Neil Pearlberg...


The Dying Game

“We are sick of going to funerals,” said John Walsh, a lifelong Tahoe local and former ski racer, lamenting the steady stream of Tahoe based athletes and adventurers (including his nephew) who died in recent years while pushing the envelope in dangerous sports.


Editor’s Note: Primal Bliss

One of the main benefits of outdoor adventure is how it connects us to all kinds of really cool, wild people. Personally I’ve always felt that outdoor adventure is way better when shared with others. Read More

Tioga by Bike

The next time you’re stuck in traffic at the Tioga Pass entrance to Yosemite, pause for a moment to consider that without the ingenuity of Stephen T. Mather, the first director of the National Park Service, you’d be walking Read More

Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker

The Findster Duo+ pet tracker is a must-have for anyone adventuring with a canine companion. Its real-time GPS tracking will set your mind at ease no matter where you roam. Yes, that means in remote locales as no cell coverage is needed! Read More


Our recent article with Michael Allen is up! Featuring his new film A Long Road To Tao, that's being featured in the Las Cruces International Film Festival this spring along with his work as a fine art surf and wave photographer 🌊🎥⁠

Check out Michael's work at the link in our bio 🔗⁠

Written by contributing writer @ellasuring

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When it’s not raining, Castle Rock State Park offers amazing hiking and rock climbing just under an hour away from Santa Cruz! 🌲🥾

And when it is raining, you can still get out there and have some adventures! 🌧️

We went out last weekend in a break from the rain and sent some climbs at Indian Rock 🧗🏽

Just remember to bring water, snacks, warm clothes, and plan beforehand as there is no cell service there, adventure on!

#rockclimbing #adventuresports #outdoor

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Can anyone guess where this iconic Redwood Tree ring is in Santa Cruz? 🌲The canopies of redwood trees support entire ecosystems of wildlife, insects, plants, and they even create soil up there from decomposing leaves 🍂. Next time you go mountain biking, running, or hiking, take a glance up and wonder at the marvels towering above you! #hiking #santacruz #adventuresportsjournal ...

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