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Rage Against Racism. Are you a cyclist from California or Nevada who hates racism? Please support the Washoe Tribe of Northern Nevada and sign our petition to stop the Gardnerville/Minden siren. Link in Bio please sign and share. Here is the background story:

In 2006 the Washoe Tribe of Nevada asked the towns of Minden and Gardnerville to stop the daily siren. Using historical documents, the Washoe showed the original purpose of the siren was to enforce a 1917 Douglas County ordinance that required all “Indians” to be out of Minden and Gardnerville by 6:30 pm.
Minden and Gardnerville were “Sundown Towns,” meaning everyone who wasn’t White had to leave town by sunset. The siren was temporarily halted after the Washoe request in 2006, but resumed after a vote established its popularity among Whites.
Generations later the ordinance is gone but the siren remains an ugly reminder of a racist past. Let’s call the siren what it is: a racist ritual designed to keep the Washoe Tribe “in their place.” This hateful siren has no place in 2020 America.
If you are a resident or visitor of beautiful Douglas County NV (or just don’t like racism) please sign this petition to support the Washoe people and eliminate the siren. The siren may be “no big deal” to some, but it’s a painful reminder of a dark chapter in the history of the Washoe people. America is better than this. Link in bio!! Please share!! Amazing photo by @fred_pompermayer. Thanks for tagging us!!!! #diversityoutdoors #diversifyoutdoors

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Is it possible to fight racism with a bike?

Yes, but it’s not easy. You will need to push yourself past the point of pain. You will need to suffer like never before. You will need to commit yourself to brutal roads and trails that climb on and on. You will need to ride past the point of exhaustion. You will need to choose fear and pain. You might even get hurt.

You will need to ride every day or almost every day. You will need to opt out of the success game, the career game, and the money game. Success may come to you, but power and success cannot be your goal. Ride with friends as much as possible, but always make sure you ride hard and choose pain.

Dedicate your pain to ending racism. Dedicate your pain to the billions of humans and animals who suffer because they have no choice. Dedicate your pain to exposing the lie behind material wealth.

Money can be good and healthy. In fact money can do great things. We should share money with people who need food and basic things. We should use money to help people and solve problems. We can use money to buy bikes for kids and help people fix their bikes who want to ride.

Still, never forget that our current system of money was designed by White Europeans to concentrate wealth in the hands of White people. To accomplish this they had to spread the lie that not all humans are equal. Then they stole people from Africa and exploited them for material gain. They worked them to death so they could feel a little less afraid of their own death. But this didn’t make them less afraid. Deep down they felt sad and guilty and more hurt. As the money multiplied the guilt and shame only increased.

Four hundred years later we are still playing the evil money game. Even though this game (based on a racist lie) hurts everyone, it’s so woven into the fabric of society we feel powerless to change it.

Your bike is a way to turn the pain around. Instead of inflicting pain on others you choose to inflict pain on yourself. You stand up in the saddle and choose pain for yourself.

This post is dedicated to Rick Gunn who rode a bicycle 25,000 miles through 33 countries.

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Do you ride a mountain bike?

We are inviting all mountain bikers to participate in a fundraiser project to show our support for #blacklivesmatter. In the coming weeks we will be embarking on a quest to climb 50,000 feet in less than 50 days. This is completely self directed and any off road cyclist can participate. After we announce the start date just keep track of your elevation gain (via Strava etc.) and count the number of days it takes you to surpass 50K feet of climbing. It’s that simple.

Stay tuned for more info and a link to register. Successful registrants will get a t shirt with this awesome artwork by Brooklyn Taylor and a $5 donation will be submitted in your name to the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program at UCSC.

Please join us in climbing 50K feet in less than 50 days. Let the world know that the mountain bike community stands 💯 with Black Lives Matter and the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities in this time of alarming white nationalism. This is a chance for mountain bikers to stand up and be counted.

Bragging rights will be bestowed upon the rider who does the 50K/50D challenge in the shortest number of days. No ebikes please. Climbing can be a combination of road/gravel/trail on an off road bike (mountain bike or gravel bike).

Please share this post widely. MTB is one of the fastest growing sports in the US. Let’s make every rider feel included.

If you know any bike shops who want to participate and display this logo on a metal sign please send me a DM.

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Our view from Lassen Peak with my son Lukas.

Lately I have been thinking about how incredibly lucky I am to pursue an outdoor life of adventure with friends and family.

So many people struggle to rise above the chaos and shit of their lives just to experience the magic of public lands. These lands belong to all of us but it’s mostly just wealthy white people who have the means to enjoy nature. Poor people must work, work, work just to survive. They rarely if ever get to experience the magic of public lands.

This terrible system is unfair and arbitrary. There is plenty of money out there. We just need to share it better with #UBI and #M4A.

Nature has always been free. Why does it cost so much?

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In light of recent events involving COVID-19, @mtshastaskipark decided to donate 10% of each season pass sale to local food banks during the month of April. Season pass sales also enabled the park — which offers adventure sports activities in all seasons — to make some excellent improvements. Read the latest post on our website to learn more!
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Forty seconds of peaceful Santa Cruz today. ...

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