California’s Original Outdoor Magazine

Our mission is to inspire adventure, event participation, exploration and environmental stewardship in California and Nevada.

Matt Niswonger & Cathy Claesson, Co-founders


Adventure Sports Journal believes in the power of print. We also believe in digital storytelling when it supports the intimacy of the printed word. Our large tabloid format stands out on shelves where we are available for free. Our glossy cover pops and our original content is printed on recycled newsprint. ASJ print can be picked up for free at over 1,000 targeted distribution sites and is satisfying to hold in your hands.

We connect with readers in a way that national magazines and online platforms can’t. With a wealth of authentic and spirited content in each issue and online, ASJ provides advertising partners a targeted vehicle for making a meaningful impression.

Our readers want to know where the adventure is, Adventure Sports Journal takes them there again and again.


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