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Seasonal waterfalls in San Diego and Julian Beer Company

The Earning

When enough rain comes to San Diego’s hinterlands, seasonal waterfalls appear on the landscape, making for new experiences in a land where it is dry most of the year. One such place is along a somewhat recently built trail named Cold Stream in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. Whether I am mountain biking or hiking it, come winter-into-spring, I keep my eye out for a little waterfall easily visible from the trail. Seeing the water flow and drop some six feet or so is a bit of a meditation piece. On a group ride a few years back, we stopped and walked the little path to the fall and revelled in its cool and refreshing water after having ridden several hours on a warm afternoon. It cascades down a ways and offers a good place for some water and rock hopping to break up your hike or bike outing.

Up in the vicinity of Julian town, if you ask around (or do enough gleaning of the web), and then go a-searching, you will find Mildred Falls. I have biked from town out to see it. You can also drive there, but why not make a little adventure out of it? Plummeting nearly 300 feet, Mildred Falls  (pictured above) becomes San Diego’s longest/highest waterfall when it is flowing. To see it, conditions have to be just right. Officially, it is on Cleveland National Forest land and there are no marked trails, but there are several footpaths that take you to the falls and around to various vantage points to take it all in. Exercise caution, as it can get quite precipitous in some areas. 

There is nothing quite like seeing water run where most of the year it is dry and brown. I cannot help but think of the wonders of nature that happen when rain falls and flows, the magic and majesty of falling water being a sight that slows me down and brings me to a stop. Life springs forth, green emerges, and out pop the wildflowers. I am reminded of impermanence when I see seasonal waterfalls. They remind me to enjoy the here and now. 

And when the waterfalls come back around, the memory of joy from before bubbles back up, and fills me again, and reminds me to enjoy it while it is here/now.

The Beer

Julian Beer Company (JBC), in the famous little mountain town of Julian in San Diego county, offers outstanding beer, bar-b-que, pizza (including gluten free and vegan options) and huge salads. There is wine, too, and usually cider is on the libations menu as well. While you are walking around town looking for that perfect apple pie, and you really can’t go wrong wherever you buy one, remember to stop in at JBC for a laid-back, sunny afternoon in the fresh air. Weekends can be quite busy. If you prefer less of a crowd, stop by during the week. The energy is less hectic, and you will likely get on mountain time for an hour or two. 

JBC is quiet on the San Diego beer scene, but those “in the know” seek out some of the best tasting pints this side of Mars. Recently, I had a quite quaffable porter, tasting extra delicious on a chilly afternoon. Like some San Diego breweries, JBC does IPAs very well. They also have all the standards/classic beer styles you would expect to find at a California brewery. 


Earn Your Beer Julian Beer Company

Earn Your Beer Julian Beer Company

Earn Your Beer Julian Beer Company

Earn Your Beer Julian Beer Company