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Date(s) - 04/13/2024


Bike Around the Buttes

Bike Around the Buttes

April 13, 2024
Don’t miss this extraordinary ride that takes you from Sutter on the old stage coach route along the Sacramento River and circles Sutter Buttes. The Worlds Smallest Mountain Range.

Bike Around the Buttes started in 1985 by a man named Leroy Ervin, who had type 2 diabetes. The original ride was from Yuba City to the Redding/Red Bluff area, but it was quickly deemed to be too long and intense for the average rider. We are keeping the ride active and local! Today’s ride consists of four courses around the Sutter Buttes. We have a 20, 40, 65, and a 100 mile course. Our ride comes with rest stops along the way, support and gear vehicles in case of emergency, and includes a lunch and live music after the ride.  All proceeds stay locally and  benefit people who live with diabetes in our community.

The Lil Scoop

20 mile course • Start Time: 8:30 to 10:00 AM

The Lil Scoop ride is an easy course that is great for families and beginners that are looking for a nice ride on the bike trail then through the country as you follow Pass Road right by the Buttes. There is one rest stop for this ride at the half-way mark. 20 mile GPS link

The Classic Scoop

(40 mile course) • Start Time: 7:30 to 8:30 AM

The Classic Scoop is designed for a more seasoned rider, looking for a fun and slightly challenging, beautiful ride around the buttes. Following some of the old stage coach route from Colusa to Sutter, this course takes you along Pass Road, N Butte Rd & Cockerill Rd. This ride offers beautiful vistas of the Buttes all along your journey. There are three rest stops along the way fully stocked to help keep you going. 40 mile GPS link 

Single Scoop with Nuts

(65 mile course) • Start Time: 6:30 to 7:30 AM

The Single Scoop with Nuts is our NEW route! This is designed for the challenged rider who isn’t quite up for the Century. This route will take you through Meridian, on the Sacramento River Levee, off the Levee at Lovey’s Landing, Butte Slough at old causeway, and around the scenic Buttes. There are 3 rest stops along the way fully stocked. 60 mile GPS link

Double Scoop with Nuts

(Century 100 mile course) • Start Time: 6:00 to 6:30 AM

The Century course is designed for the avid, experienced rider. It is composed of the scenic view of the Buttes with four rest stops along the way fully stocked. Enjoy a tour of the best views Meridian has to offer. You will get to enjoy riding around the beautiful Sutter Buttes twice. Once you reach the finish line, enjoy a massage (for a donation) with this ride, as well as specialty energy sustaining foods such as GU Gel at our rest stops. Our Century map has even been redesigned to be an excellent resource to the expert cyclist. 100 mile GPS link


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