Goodies for your active lifestyle


The Nemo Stargaze™ Recliner Luxury chair takes glamping to a whole new level. Not only does it recline, it boasts a swinging option for optimum relaxation and comfort.

Even when set on uneven, rocky, or sandy terrain, this chair offers stability whether in motion or still. Tip back into the deep lounge position for the most relaxing and inspiring star gazing you’ve ever experienced.

Superior design doesn’t stop there; the chair features a no-spill cupholder, an adjustable headrest, and a pocket for your stuff. Not only is the Stargaze™ Recliner Luxury chair great for camping, it’s ideal for tailgating, lounging at the beach and so much more.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum and non-absorbent monofilament mesh, this chair is durable, resists bacteria and doesn’t retain water. Set-up is easy-peasy and intuitive, as is packing it up into its padded case. The shoulder strap on the case makes for a convenient carry, and it even features a place to stash your phone and keys.

Available in assorted colors.

MSRP: $ 

2 Aftershokz aeroplex

Bone conduction headphones boast technology that allows you to listen to music (and podcasts, audio books, etc.) or talk on the phone while still being well aware of your surroundings. For that reason, we were excited to give the AfterShokz Aeroplex a try … and we’re happy to report we were impressed!

This wireless, open ear endurance headphone set sits in front of your ears, rather than pushed inside them, and delivers sound via your cheekbones so you can still hear what’s going on around you. How cool is that?

We found the Aeroplex to be remarkably comfortable and secure even while running on technical terrain. Plus, since this model is waterproof (albeit not for swimming), it was nice to not worry about some light rain.

The Aeroplex is intuitive to use, has an 8-hour battery life, and comes with a handy storage pouch. Its light, slim design boasts a “barely there” feel, and you can choose between several great colors.



GSI’s Rakau Knife Set is a vital addition to your gourmet camp kitchen. Sustainably sourced, this set is crafted for longevity and everyday use.

It features three knives including a Chef knife with a Santoku blade and Granton scallops which allow for the thinnest of slicing, as well as a serrated bread knife and a paring knife. 

The knives – which include protective sheaths for safety and sharpness – are meticulously crafted in stainless steel; handles are a waterproof wood laminate.

Additionally, the set includes a quick-drying dual-sided microfiber towel (a soft, nonabrasive side and a rough, scouring side), a bamboo cutting board with juice gutter, a knife sharpener, and a soap bottle. 

It’s all tidily organized in a recycled PET cloth case, making it a sweet gift for camp chefs and other outdoor cooking enthusiasts.



At 14.5”x11”x13.25”, the ORCA Walker 20 Softside Cooler is just the right size for day hikes, beach outings and short car trips. In fact, this cooler – which is insulated with 28mm of tough Meta-Polymer – can keep items cold for days when packed with ice properly.

The outer shell is made from ultra-durable SPEC-OPS 840 Denier double TPU. The cooler also features Ultrasonic RF Welding (such as what’s used in whitewater craft) and its zipper is waterproof.

Convenient highlights include an easy open magnetic split handle (share the carrying load with a friend!), a padded shoulder strap for comfort, a pocket for your phone and other necessities, and hooks for hanging extra items from.

BPA-free, anti-microbial and FDA food grade; 3.6 pounds with a max load of 50 pounds.


RUFFWEAR SWAMP COOLER™ dog cooling vest

Keep your K9 adventure buddy cool during your summer outings with Ruffwear’s Swamp Cooler. Simply soak the Swamp Cooler in water, wring it out and put it on your dog. As the moisture evaporates, heat is pulled from the dog. Reactivate as needed by soaking in water … or your doggo can reactive it by taking a swim!

The Swamp Cooler is designed for a relaxed fit offering maximum shade with UPF 50+ coverage and side-release buckles for super easy on and off. Its wicking outer layer reflects heat and facilitates evaporation, while an absorbent middle layer stores water for continued evaporation, and the mesh lining will keep your doggo dry and comfy. 

Additionally, the garment offers low-light visibility with reflective trim, and has a light loop for attaching Ruffwear’s Beacon™ (sold separately). An integrated portal allows leash attachment when the Swamp Cooler is worn over Ruffwear harnesses.

Available in a wide range of sizes from XXS to XL.



Goal Zero’s Nomad 5 Solar Panel is the solution to your charging challenges no matter what adventure you’re on. This lightweight yet rugged 5-watt panel features a built-in kickstand that allows for multiple positioning angles while at camp. You can also strap the panel right to your backpack to catch those rays on the move.

The Nomad 5 can be used to charge any device that can be charged from a standard USB port, including phones, headlamps and Goal Zero power banks. Although the USB output port on the back of the panel is not waterproof, the entire front face of the panel can get wet without causing any issues.

It’s important to note that solar panels only produce power when exposed to sunlight, therefore they don’t hold a charge. Hence, it’s best to pair with a power bank to capture that precious power for later use. We love that the Nomad 5 features a built-in charging dock that accommodates Goal Zero’s lightweight and compact Flip power bank (sold separately) for use after the sun goes down.