1. Selk’bag Patagon Sleeping Suit

The Selk’bag is basically a wearable sleeping bag that adds a whole new dimension to camping trips. I was a bit skeptical at first because it does seem a bit unorthodox to sleep in what looks like a high altitude suit that Everest climbers wear, but all doubts melted away after my first night in my Patagon, the warmest sleeping suit that Selk’bag makes. In my opinion this is the best new outdoor product in quite some time.


The fact is, mummy bags are claustrophobic. The Selk’bag solves this basic problem by working with the ergonomics of the human body and allowing the wearer to sleep naturally in any position.

Where the Patagon shines is on chilly spring and fall mornings. We all hate to crawl out of a cozy sleeping bag to cook breakfast, and with the Patagon …