1. Selk’bag Patagon Sleeping Suit

The Selk’bag is basically a wearable sleeping bag that adds a whole new dimension to camping trips. I was a bit skeptical at first because it does seem a bit unorthodox to sleep in what looks like a high altitude suit that Everest climbers wear, but all doubts melted away after my first night in my Patagon, the warmest sleeping suit that Selk’bag makes. In my opinion this is the best new outdoor product in quite some time.


The fact is, mummy bags are claustrophobic. The Selk’bag solves this basic problem by working with the ergonomics of the human body and allowing the wearer to sleep naturally in any position.

Where the Patagon shines is on chilly spring and fall mornings. We all hate to crawl out of a cozy sleeping bag to cook breakfast, and with the Patagon you never have to. You simply unzip the booties, pull your hands out and go to work. Using the integrated Velcro straps to roll up your sleeves, you can light the stove with confidence and start flipping pancakes.

For snow camping you will need to use a traditional mummy bag draped over you like a blanket in addition to your Selk’bag while sleeping at night, as even the Patagon is not rated for temps below freezing.

Note the sizing chart on the website for exact fitting instructions. A proper fit is crucial for proper usage.

MSRP: $259 •

2. Bolle Duchess Snow Goggles


With high quality oversize lenses and just the right amount of attitude, the Duchess goggles by Bolle have adjustable strap hinge outriggers that ensure a flush fit every time. You can spend a lot more for premium ski/snowboard goggles, but the Duchess are every bit as good looking and high performing at half the price.

Designed for medium to small faces, the antifogging vents virtually eliminate fog from obstructing your view.

Perhaps the best feature is the oversize spherical lens that allows an extra wide field of view with minimal distortion.

MSRP: $99.99 •

3. Eddie Bauer MicroTherm Down Hooded Jacket


If you have been looking for an ultralight down jacket that is both technical and flattering then this is the one. The micro-channels keep 700 fill premium goose down equally distributed for the most warmth possible in a jacket that weighs practically nothing and packs into its own pocket. The shell is treated with StormRepel and will shed light moisture.

What is best about the MicroTherm jacket are the stretchy side panels that provide both mobility and breathability and give the jacket its flattering profile. It is perfect with a pair of jeans for a chilly night out, or as a base layer for heavy duty winter conditions.

MSRP: $199 •

4. SlapSwitch Headphones


If you are cruising down the mountain on your skis while listening to Pandora and the phone rings, what do you do? If your answer is to try to pick up the call with gloves on, that’s an epic fail, bro. By the time you try to answer that call, it’s too late. The correct answer is to invest in a SlapSwitch, the wearable headphones with a switch that clips to your jacket allowing you to pick up a call on the go by simply slapping a large button.

The comfortable headphones are integrated into a thin hood that fits over your head and under any helmet. A cord connects to the switch and your phone and features a microphone that cuts out background noise.

If you like to listen to music while you ski or ride and want the ability to pick up calls on the go, then the SlapSwitch is for you.

MSRP: $69.95 •