Photos courtesy of Adventurous Sports

San Francisco-based Adventurous Sports gets “never-evers” up and surfing fast using their innovative Surf Simulator to teach a smooth and balanced pop-up for the ocean. Students who take the pop-up clinic on Saturday are usually up on their very first wave in Santa Cruz on Sunday.

“The pop-up clinic on Saturday was absolutely instrumental to my success in the water,” said student Libby Estelle. “I was able to pop up and actually ride a wave on my very first try in the water. The other students

in my group had all attended a week-long surf camp last winter and were amazed this was my first time out.”

Now new surfers can also travel to warm waters for their first ocean experience with Adventurous Sports’ new travel company, Solaz Adventures. One-week camps (or private trips) include daily surf lessons, yoga and massage. Solaz combines undiscovered protected locations and superb instructors at their camps in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, and two locations in Mexico, Troncones and Cabo.

The combination of top-notch instruction and warm, uncrowded waves makes for a relaxing vacation. See videos, class dates and trip schedules at