Building relationships at the world’s largest cycling expo

Roadshow Steve here.

The ASJ Roadshow normally picks up momentum in April. This year was no different. The focus of this month was on cycling, starting with the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival April 11-12 and culminating with the 25th annual Sea Otter Classic – the largest consumer bike exposition in North America – April 16-19.

One thing I enjoy about the Sea Otter Classic is the international aspect of it. Rafael from Peru, founder of Isula Nature, spent time in our booth in conversation about food and medicine from the Amazon, and of course shared his lifelong interest in bikes. I met quite a few Brits, Scots and Irishmen. Cycling is such a huge component of Dutch culture, and my own Dutch heritage sparks my curiosity when in conversation with people from Holland. Of course, the French and Spanish and …