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There’s nothing quite like a nice, cold bevo or sweet, juicy piece of fruit on a long, hot adventure. Enter the new Stashers v3.0 insulated bag which features a removable, food-grade liner that safely carries drinks, fruit, snacks, ice — whatever you need to make your epic outing even more epic.

Wide, durable straps extend fully around the bag and can be snugged up well, offering optimum support and stability on even the bumpiest rides. Fasten the bag to just about any place on your bicycle, kayak, Jeep roll bar, backpack, etc. The set of three bags come in assorted sizes (and colors) which can be used together  as a comprehensive storage system for everything you need — and want — to bring along on your adventure.

MSRP: $34.99 – $44.99getstashers