The Sum of Us Post features ASJ’s Riders Against Racism in the Minden siren episode

Noted author and public policy expert Heather McGhee has launched a podcast about social justice. Dubbed “The Sum Of Us,” the podcast celebrates the progress achieved by groups of people who reach across racial lines to work together for a better America.

Episode five was titled “Minden, NV: The Last Sundown Siren.” During this episode McGhee traces the history of the siren and the history of resistance aiming to silence this hate symbol.

A photo of Heather McGhee (author and host of the Sum of Us) and her crew near the Minden Siren

Heather McGhee and her crew outside of the Minden fire department with the Minde siren in the background. She interviews a firefighter during the interview, who requests to go off the record.

ASJ has been involved with the movement to silence the Minden siren since 2020, when ASJ’s Matt Niswonger started a petition to help expose the terrible “sundowner” history of the Minden/Gardnerville area. Featured in the podcast was ASJ’s non-profit Riders Against Racism and the pivotal role mountain bikers played in raising awareness about what Niswonger calls “America’s Cruelest Public Ceremony.”

Unfortunately the Minden siren still rings twice a day, at noon and five pm. Stay tuned for continuing coverage as we support Washoe Elders in their quest to silence the Minden siren.

Heather McGhee interviewing Ku Stevens.

Included in the Sum of Us podcast is champion distance runner and founder of the Remembrance Run, Ku Stevens.

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