On Thursday, November 21st, Alpenglow Sports will host the first of the final two Tailgate Talks of 2019 with the highly anticipated annual Environmental Film Night

The Environmental Film Night will consist of a double feature of ‘Artifishal’, a Patagonia film about the unsustainable methods currently used in the fishing industry, and ‘The Sacramento at Current Speed’, a film about traveling the mysterious Sacramento River in a whitewater dory.

‘The road to extinction is paved with good intentions’ is the disheartening premise of Patagonia’s ‘Artifishal’.  According to Patagonia, the film highlights the “high cost – environmental, financial and cultural – of hatcheries and fish farms, and our mistaken reliance on human engineered solutions.” In addition, it takes an in depth look into humanity’s “loss of faith in nature, and the impact on communities and ecosystems as wild salmon slide toward extinction.”

‘The Sacramento at Current Speed’ is an environmental film co-produced by local filmmaker Mitch Dion and videographer Tom Bartels. Dion is a native Californian who was inspired to explore the hidden river that spans 300 miles from the center of California to the ocean. In June of 2019, he launched a whitewater dory into the Sacramento River in Redding, California. He and Bartels documented every mile of the journey on film and in a blog, in the hopes of drawing attention to the water practices in a state that has struggled with drought for years.

The Environmental Film Night will be screened in the shop at 7pm on the 21st. Doors for the event will open at 6:30. Admission is FREE, but any beverage purchases will go to the non-profit beneficiary of the evening, the Tahoe Food Hub.

Following on Saturday, December 14th, the Tailgate Talks of 2019 wrap up with a presentation from adventure photographer Scott Rokis. A close friend of the shop, Rokis photographs the numerous events that Alpenglow Sports puts on every year, from the Tailgate Talks, to the Winter Speaker Series, to the weeklong event of Mountain Festival.

Rokis’ presentation, ‘When the Process Becomes the Plan’ will take an in depth look into how his incredible photography career began four years ago. After working his way up in the corporate world for many years, Rokis decided he needed a change. He quit his plush corporate job, moved into a van that he aptly named ‘Patience’, and fully committed to following his passion for visual storytelling. In particular, he found himself drawn to telling the stories of people who were also pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and into the unknown. Some of his most notable subjects include runners carrying sleds and pushing themselves for 60 hours in -40 degrees, and open water swimmers braving frigid waters to attempt new crossings.

Rokis has captured iconic images at the Hardrock 100-Mile Endurance Run, Broken Arrow Skyrace, Western States 100 Endurance Run, Tahoe 200-Miler and more. He also shoots professionally for Home Depot.

‘When the Process Becomes the Plan’ will take place in the shop at 7pm on December 14th. Doors for the event will open at 6:30. Admission is free, with any proceeds from beverage sales going to non-profit beneficiary Gateway Mountain Center.


About Patagonia

At Patagonia, they appreciate that all life on earth is under threat of extinction. They aim to use the resources they have—their business, investments, voice and imaginations—to do something about it.

Patagonia grew out of a small company that made tools for climbers. Alpinism remains at the heart of a worldwide business that still makes clothes for climbing—as well as for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, mountain biking and trail running. These are silent sports. None require an engine; rarely do they deliver the cheers of a crowd. In each, reward comes in the form of hard-won grace and moments of connection with nature. As the climate crisis deepens, the team at Patagonia sees a potential, even probable end to such moments, and so they’re fighting to save them. They donate their time, services and at least 1 percent of sales to help hundreds of grassroots organizations all over the world so that they can remain vigilant to protect what’s irreplaceable. At the same time, they know that they risk saving a tree only to lose the forest—a livable planet. As the loss of biodiversity, arable soils, coral reefs and fresh water all accelerate, they are doing their best to address the causes, and not just symptoms, of global warming. Staying true to their core values during forty-plus years in business has helped the Patagonia team create a company they’re proud to run and work for. To stay in business for at least forty more, we must defend the place we all call home.

About Mitch Dion and Tom Bartels:

Mitch Dion is a life-long Californian with a strong interest in adventuring outdoors. He believes in our capabilities as humans to be good stewards of our environment and have a healthy economy. He has have worked as a non-profit executive, a river guide, petroleum distributor and farmer. ‘The Sacramento at Current Speed’ is his first film, which he wrote and narrated.

Tom Bartels has lived in Durango Colorado since 1983. Working in various fields of media production over past 35 years, including broadcast radio, TV, digital video, interactive web media, Bartels handled the camera and film editing for ‘The Sacramento at Current Speed’. Most of the projects he works on are in the environmental education space if he can help it.

About Scott Rokis:

Scott Rokis is a professional adventure photographer who left the corporate world four years ago to pursue his passion for storytelling. Since starting his new career, Rokis moved into a van and has been travelling ever since, documenting a broad array of topics, from ultra-runners to backcountry skiers, as well as life on the road. His work has been featured in UltraRunning Magazine, Runner’s World, Men’s Health, REI, and The New York Times. To see more of his photography or hear his podcast, visit his website (https://www.scottrokis.com) or find him on Instagram (@scottrokisphoto).

About the Tailgate Talks:

The Tailgate Talks have evolved at Alpenglow Sports over the past 10 years, but the principle of the nights remains the same; to bring the greater North Lake Tahoe community together to learn about and celebrate the various aspects of the mountains that we all love, at little to no cost. Bringing in a series of speakers and athletes passionate about their respective sports, the environment, and the greater community, the Tailgate Talks are the ultimate way to come together and connect with our neighbors. We look forward to seeing you there!

About Alpenglow Sports:

Alpenglow Sports is an original California Mountain Shop that for over 40 years has provided locals and visitors with inspiration, local knowledge, and the best equipment to enjoy the great outdoors. Based in Tahoe City, Alpenglow Sports takes pride in being community-minded and socially and environmentally responsible to ensure Lake Tahoe stays one of the best places to play, visit, and live in California. For additional information, please contact Brendan Madigan at Alpenglow Sports, 530.583.6917, or brendan@alpenglowsports.com

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