Touring Four Innovative California Breweries

By Derrick Peterman

There’s a revolution going on in this country–born largely in California–that has nothing to do with music, politics, or some insanely great gadget. It’s a revolution in beer, a beverage that’s existed for over 5,000 years and continues to be reinvented to this day. Large breweries run by multinational corporations producing unoriginal, fl at tasting yellow lagers are dramatically losing market share to a growing fl eet of smaller independent companies. These breweries are concocting a wide variety of rich, fl avorful, and unique brews. Increasingly, beer drinkers are enjoying the endless fl avor combinations and possibilities of microbrews, and becoming more aware about where their beer comes from. California breweries are major pioneers of this movement.

Unlike most businesses with tightly protected company secrets, many breweries happily throw open their doors to let you experience their sights, sounds, and tastes. Check …