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Earn Your Beer: Issue 110

MTB Gooseberry Mesa, UT

By James Murren

Gooseberry Mesa in southwestern Utah is one of those places that has been on many a mountain biker’s bucket list for decades. Its fame and desire-to-ride has endured longer than most marriages. I’m not sure what that means, other than the relationship between a dream mountain bike ride and the terrain living up to expectations has lasted a long time, long enough to keep riders happy and coming back to red rock country, as well as telling friends to go and ride the Goose. 

The location

Gooseberry Mesa

Nearly a mile high in the sky, with views that elicit all kinds of adjectives that attempt to describe the massive scale of wonder and beauty that lives there, Gooseberry Mesa sits less than an hour’s drive east of the St. George/Hurricane, UT region along State Route 59. The long dirt road approach can be …

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Earn Your Beer: MTB Prescott and Sedona

Mountain Biking in Arizona

By James Murren

There is Fruita/Moab. And there is Brevard-Pisgah/Dupont. Perhaps we can say Tahoe/Truckee. What about all the good riding spots on the Keweenaw Peninsula? Places on the map that are good for a week’s worth of riding, is what I’m getting at. You get me?  One mountain biking (MTB) destination combo that I have not heard much about is Prescott/Sedona. After going there for a week of riding, I thought I might help put it on someone’s map, if it’s not already there. It is now on my list of destinations for MTB getaways.

The locations

>> Prescott Mile high pine forests on the edge of the desert, with hundreds of miles of cross-country trails that encircle the old cowboy town of yore, complete with a big courthouse sitting smack dab in the middle of town. This was my first go-round riding a bike …

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