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Climbing to an Intentional Life

Whatever you long for or dream about is within your reach – if you can extend your mental or emotional grasp to include it. 

by Dierdre Wolownick

The first time I found myself hanging forty feet above the floor in a climbing gym, I never imagined that such an unlikely position would become a regular part of my life. Or that it would lead to a personal transformation. 

I was 58, and life had battered me to the point where I was more than ready for a big change. The kid at the other end of the rope, my son Alex Honnold, would soon go on to become a household name. That day, he handed me a lifeline. 

As Alex lowered me I had a sudden realization: I had loved to climb when I was a kid, but I was a girl. I was supposed to wear dresses and behave

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Outdoor Afro

Expanding access to adventure

By Leonie Sherman

Harriet Tubman was born into slavery, escaped to Philadelphia, and then promptly turned around to rescue her family. She made 13 missions that delivered 70 enslaved people to freedom, traveling by night and using a network of houses known as the Underground Railroad. At Combahee Ferry she became the first woman to lead an armed raid in the Civil War and helped liberate more than 700 enslaved people. She’s remembered as an icon of courage and freedom, but rarely as a wilderness leader. The Oakland-based organization Outdoor Afro aims to fix that by changing the way we view black history and inspiring a new generation of black outdoor leaders.

Ten years ago, Outdoor Afro founder and CEO Rue Mapp noticed there weren’t a lot of people in the outdoors who looked like her. To find out if others shared her passion and …

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Climbing Legends Tom Frost and Jeff Lowe Die on Same day

August 24 was a fateful day for the climbing community as both Tom Frost and Jeff Lowe passed into legend

Tom Frost lost his short battle with cancer at a hospice near his home in Oakdale, California. Frost, who was 82, was a Yosemite pioneer in the 1960s, and established some of the most famous routes in the Valley while climbing with Royal Robbins, Chuck Pratt, Yvon Chouinard, and others.

Widely regarded as the finest American alpinist of his generation, Jeff Lowe also died on August 24. He was 67 years old. His daughter, Sonja, announced the death on Facebook, writing, “My father, Jeff Lowe, to put it in his words, ‘moved on from this material plane to the next.’

Both climbers were influential in different ways. Tom Frost will always be associated with the Golden Age of Yosemite big wall climbing, while Jeff Lowe was a hardcore alpinist who …

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Adventure Therapy

Taking risks and breaking down barriers

By Sarah Marschall

Last September, a unique journey took place. Ryan Althaus of Sweaty Sheep Ministries, River Krimmer of Living Evolution, and Elijah Cooper of Shared Adventures, joined forces to find new ways to help those suffering from trauma due to homelessness or a disability. The plan was to take people from a full spectrum of living situations in Santa Cruz to Lake Tahoe for a week of community building, risk-taking, and adventure therapy.

In the last days before they were scheduled to leave, the pieces came together. Second Harvest donated healthy food. Patagonia came through with clothing. Zeeba Rentals provided a discounted rate on a van. Other organizations and individuals stepped forward to help — and all just in time. On Sunday, September 24, 2017, the group of travelers arrived at Tahoe.

The retreat was dreamed up in a backyard among friends, …

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