Granlibakken Tahoe is rich in history and surrounded by places to explore

Since the early 1920s, outdoor enthusiasts from around the world have explored the alpine terrain that Granlibakken Tahoe’s 74-acre privately-owned resort lies within. From family-friendly sledding and hiking to serious Nordic skiing, mountain biking and trail running, guests at Granlibakken never lack the opportunity to go outside and play—as hard as they want.

In fact, the first recorded visitors used the property as a winter recreation area almost 100 years ago. Granlibakken quickly went on to host some high-profile events, including the 1932 Olympic Ski Jumping Trials and the 1932 National Ski Association Ski Jumping Tournament. However, it wasn’t until the 1940’s when Norwegian ski jumper Kjell “Rusty” Rustad leased the land and gave Granlibakken its Norwegian name, meaning “hill sheltered by trees”, that the area began transforming into a full-fledged resort.

Snowshoer Granlibakken Tahoe

Evening snowshoeing at Granlibakken Tahoe.

Rusty started by building a log ski hut out of the trees that were cleared for the ski hill, a house to live in and a duplex that slept six on each side for visitors. He then further developed the ski area by building two rope tows, expanding the terrain, grooming the slopes, and providing lessons to beginners and aspiring ski jumpers. In 1952, Granlibakken hosted the National Ski Area Association’s Junior Ski Jumping Tournament.

From Skiing to Year Round Hospitality and Activities

Today, Granlibakken has expanded to offer a wide variety of lodging options, from cozy single rooms to spacious townhomes, and 16,000 square feet of meeting space. Amenities include five tennis courts, outdoor heated pools and a large hot tub, a yoga and meditation space, fitness center, sauna, a spa for massages and facials, the Treetop Adventure Park and an outdoor par course.

Treetop Adventure Park Granlibakken Tahoe

Visitors enjoying the Treetop Adventure Park at Granlibakken Tahoe.

Dining selections include a daily full breakfast buffet and an onsite restaurant, both serving options for vegetarians and gluten-free. Meals are prepared in the resort’s commercial kitchen by an award-winning culinary team that focuses on menu items that taste homemade with a gourmet twist. The goal is a delicious meal that doesn’t leave you hungry.

Nestled in Tahoe’s Adventure Playground

With all of the onsite options and an ambiance that is classic Tahoe, it’s what lies just outside the resort’s property that is often the biggest draw for the most daring and athletic.

First, there’s the altitude. At an elevation of 6,250 feet, Granlibakken and Tahoe City make an ideal training ground. And then there’s the famous Tahoe Rim Trail, accessible right off the Granlibakken property for hiking and mountain biking.

Photo of couple biking at Granlibakken.

Biking on the trails at Granlibakken Tahoe.

Road bikers can opt to take the 72-mile ride around Lake Tahoe by heading to the trail just minutes off the resort’s property. Only 1.5 miles from Granlibakken, there is Lake Tahoe itself — a stunning, crystal-clear body of water for kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming in the warmer months. Summer rafting on the Truckee River is another nearby attraction for visitors and locals alike.

Granlibakken snowboarding

Snowboarding at Granlibakken Tahoe.

In winter, the resort is also bustling with outdoor activity. Its ski and sled hills are perfect for beginners and families, and generations of skiers and snowboarders have earned their chops at Granlibakken’s historic slope.

It’s not uncommon to talk to a local or a visitor to the area and hear that they first learned to ski or snowboard at Granlibakken. Off the hill and on the resort’s trails (flat-groomed, without stride-skiing tracks) you’ll find snowshoers, as well as advanced cross-country skiers looking for sloping hills and access to Tahoe’s backcountry (when weather permits).

For experienced skiers and snowboarders, Lake Tahoe’s famed ski areas surround Granlibakken, which is often used as their home away from home.

Safety and Conservation

Though Granlibakken promotes fun and adventure, it’s also serious about safety and conservation. The resort has been recognized over the years by several agencies and organizations for its efforts in protecting the natural surroundings, reducing waste, and promoting activities that support the local community and keep residents and visitors safe.

With the combination of year-round outdoor recreation, an endless panorama of alpine beauty, amenities that provide the epitome of after-sports relaxation, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Granlibakken Tahoe continues to be a popular host for adventurers from around the world.

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