The 420 Games: 5K run, beer tasting and concert at Golden Gate Park

THE 420 GAMES is a groundbreaking, athletic event series centered around the support of healthy marijuana use in an active adult lifestyle. The series is the brainchild of Jim McAlpine, founder of the successful alpine event/lifestyle brand SNOWBOMB.COM. McAlpine states, “We are launching THE 420 GAMES with the knowledge that legalization of recreational marijuana use is eminent. Itʼs here. We want to  celebrate the positive aspects of responsible use, start the conversation, debunk myths and misinformation. Just like prohibition was to alcohol, a new mindset about who uses marijuana, and why, is absolutely critical.”


THE 420 GAMES’ inaugural kick-off event is a 5K Run/Walk in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park on September 13, 2014. After the run, participants will be treated to a free beer tasting garden from Lagunitas Brewing Company and a concert by Zeparella, an all-female Led Zeppelin cover band.

“We are coming off of decades of negative propaganda stigmatizing marijuana  use as something negative and unproductive. Itʼs time to change that dialogue,” says McAlpine. “There are millions of productive, high-achieving adults who use marijuana in effective, healthy ways. They are your neighbors, your doctors, your  lawyers and co-workers. We plan to show the world the ʻrealʼ face of responsible  users. And the way we are going to do that is through athletic achievement and a  progressive lifestyle.”

After the 5K in San Francisco, THE 420 GAMES presents a full series of events  throughout California. Upcoming events include a cruiser bike marathon, an urban decathlon, and a stand-up paddle board race. There is also a traditional full & half marathon that has been dubbed the “Marijuanathon.” Current tour cities include San Diego, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. In 2015, THE 420 GAMES plans to launch a full national tour in 8-10 major cities across the United States. “Whatʼs important to stress is that we are not telling people, ‘Go get high.’ Quite  the opposite, really,” says Event Producer Jared Boulay, “I personally donʼt use marijuana. But I support those that do and choose to use it responsibly.”

THE 420 GAMES will also focus upon prevention of marijuana use by minors, as  well as treatment for those unable to use in a moderate fashion. The series will donate a portion of all proceeds to education and prevention. THE 420 GAMES does not endorse the illegal use of marijuana. “Our focus is on education, and athleticism is what really differentiates THE 420 GAMES from other marijuana rallies,” states McAlpine. “We are here to  tell people if you choose to use a marijuana product, there needs to be a clear, healthy set of standards. Itʼs finally time to come out of the closet. So represent your choice in the most responsible way possible.”

THE 420 GAMES is proud to be the first marijuana-related event ever featured on Daily Deal Giants GROUPON and LIVING SOCIAL. Another sign that the times are a changin’.

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