The Hyland Family Bike Shop has a long history of quality sales and service to local residents and families, offered by the Hyland family. Jim and Francia Hyland opened the original family store, Foxworthy Bike Shop, in 1963 at the corner of Foxworthy and Cherry. They specialized in children’s bikes, and their shop was known for its warm welcome to kids and their families. Whether just looking, or buying that special, shiny, first-ever bike, the Hyland Family’s bike shop was the place to go.
All four of the Hyland sons worked in the bike shop on weekends and summers. They not only learned about bikes, but also learned about the Hyland family commitment to their customers and to their business. All four of the Hyland boys ended up owning their own businesses, but Bill Hyland took over Hyland Family Bicycles.
The shop moved from Foxworthy and Cherry to their present location in Willow Glen in 1989. In the larger Meridian Avenue store, the Hyland family still sells shiny new bikes to kids and adults, and happily repairs everything from that well-worn vintage bike you just can’t part with, to full-suspension mountain bikes, and everything in-between. Along with his son BJ, and daughter Melanie, Bill continues the family tradition of quality, fairness, and dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

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