OMG I’m going to die …
By Sequoia Schmidt
image1Class #2 of the Accelerated Free Fall program began with an examination of the steps and procedures we learned in session one. Once again to a small classroom with a table and three chairs we went and toward the back of the room, I glanced up at the two harnesses still precariously suspended from the ceiling. We commenced with chanting a familiar aviation mantra:

  • Look red
  • grab red
  • peel, pull
  • look silver
  • grab silver
  • peel, pull

Questions were being tossed in every direction:

“What happens if you can see the sky through a hole in your parachute?”

Perform emergency procedure

“You are coming close to landing, when do you flare your toggles (breaks)?”

10-12ft before landing

“What altitude do you pull your chute?”


“What do you do when this happens?“ A picture is held up in front of me …