The Dollar Bill Method
By Sequoia Schmidt

Learning to Fly “Just think of a dollar bill between your butt cheeks,” Rom tells me confidently.

“Excuse me?” I say, a little embarrassed.

“When you were in free fall last time, you were not steady because your hips weren’t down. Keep your hips down. The best way to do that is to squeeze your butt cheeks together just like you are trying to hold a dollar bill between them. This will level you out and allow you to stay stable.”

As a woman who wears high heels and prides herself on being able to show off her feminine curves, I tend not to push my hips forward. After many years of adapting and perfecting my “high heel wearing” posture, it feels unnatural to cast that aside and throw my hips as far forward as possible. The thought of pressing my hips that far forward …