By Nelly

Alex Gray is one of those young surfers I look up to – he’s grounded and knows exactly what he wants out of life. Alex loves big barrels and spends a lot of his time helping others. I went down to visit him this winter and ended up staying four nights at his house. I love shooting with Alex because he’s not afraid to wake up pre-dawn to score empty barrels and watch the sunrise.

Hometown: Palos Verdes
Stance: Regular
Specialty: Wave Hunting
Sponsors: Volcom, Body Glove, Channel Islands, Spy Sunglasses
Favorite waves: The Avenues, Pipeline, Off The Wall
Biggest surfing accomplishment: Just surfing is my accomplishment. It has saved my life. What do you like to do when you aren’t surfing? I like to go out in nature and hang out with friends I haven’t seen for a while.

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