Since we first started NS Fitness, our main focus has always been giving back and helping others. We have done so quietly and out of a passion and desire to help those in need. Unfortunately, we live in a world that has challenged us in a way that has us looking beyond ourselves, and we need your help.

We are not a corporate organization, and we don’t want to be. We want to be who we truly are and give to those in need, and everything you give us helps us do just that. We feel that it is time to really let our community know what “giving back” really means to us, and will continue to mean. We believe that introducing NSFit and our new non-profit sister organization, NSF (’Now Saving Futures’), will allow us for the first time, to reach with greater impact, which will be more beneficial for all. We believe “changing a life can be life changing” and after experiencing this truth ourselves, we invite all of you to join our NS family and be a part of the change, and stay up to date as we develop events to give back through NSF. Together we are stronger! Help us, to help them.

As mentioned, NSFit’s main focus is not just Fitness, but so much more. By launching NSF (‘Now Saving Futures’), we hope to not only influence and make an impact in the lives of our members, but also for those in need in our community and through-out the world. NSFit focuses on helping and encouraging individuals to reach, maintain, and live healthier lifestyles. By investing in NSFit a percentage of profits will be distributed to NSF to help on a local and global level to reach and supply those in need.

With the NSFit members and your generosity, we can make a difference in so many lives! Join our NSF family and help give hope to those, who for so long, have been seeking it.