Registration for Sea Otter Play has begun

Sea Otter Classic has teamed up with its global event partners, Sea Otter Europe, Sea Otter Canada and Sea Otter Australia for a great first-year event!

Want to learn about the latest cycling tech? Over 200 brands are ready to unveil their latest innovations through exclusive product launches. Sea Otter Play’s digital festival is free to attend and lets you connect directly with the sport’s most influential companies.

Registration for virtual challenges is open and riders from around the world are signing up to push their limits and earn points toward amazing prizes. Learn more about each of the challenges here.

The cycling industry’s premier brands are ready to give away more than $100,000 in product to Sea Otter Play participants. You can view the full prize list and learn how to collect points here.

What are you waiting for? Register here and join the fun at Sea Otter Play. Ride challenges start September 1 and run through September 16. The festival kicks off September 17 and runs through September 20.

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