Not your typical Labor Day Weekend in Santa Cruz

With COVID-19 and the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, this will not be a typical holiday weekend in Santa Cruz county. In fact, much of Northern Santa Cruz county is still on fire and air quality remains a large concern. Although the fire is over 40% contained, there are still over 6,000 structures threatened. Over 13,000 Santa Cruz county residents are still under evacuation orders and many local hotels and visitor accommodations are still housing evacuees.

With that said, this is not a good time to visit Santa Cruz. Officials have asked people to stay clear of Santa Cruz county and proprietors are being requested to prioritize local evacuees over visitors.

Trail and beach closures will be in effect. This is both to help the spread of COVID-19 and also to avoid traffic build for CZU Lightning Complex Fire responders.


State Park closures include:


County beaches will also be closed beginning Saturday, Sept. 5th at 5 a.m. through Monday, Sept. 7th at 5 p.m. Beach crossings permissible to access the ocean for the purposes of activities such as surfing, paddle-boarding, boogie-boarding, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

Beginning September 5 through September 7, all Santa Cruz beaches will be closed during the hours of 5 AM to 4 PM. Beach crossings and other water activities such as surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling are allowed during these hours.

During these dates beaches will reopen to the public from 4 PM to 8 PM. Local jurisdictions have enforced similar beach restrictions and many state beaches will also be closed.


For a list of trail closures go to:

Labor Day Lighning Fire Closures

A fire break runs from HWY 1 to Empire Grade and down through UCSC campus to HWY 9. Photo: Matt Niswonger


For more information regarding the complex fires click here.

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Santa Cruz County Lightning Fire Response 2020: Find Out How to Give Help or Get Help. Go to

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County has established a community fire relief fund. Go to

Let’s work together to keep Santa Cruz County healthy and protected.