When it comes to SUPs, Bob Pearson is all about having fun and getting exercise
By Neil Pearlberg

Bob Pearson of Arrow Surfboards is shaping the future of the surf industry. Since 1966 he has built over 75,000 boards, all adorned with the famed Arrow logo, and the man’s renowned love of the ocean and influence on the California culture that surrounds it continues to grow.

In other words, Bob Pearson just gets it.

He understands what the ocean can do for a man or a woman. He knows and relishes the ocean’s allure for people. He sees it as a way to appreciate life, a place to play and enjoy while with your children. Above all he respects its power, its danger, and all of its glory.

“Bob has been a mentor for many young surfers for over thirty years, and given many the opportunity to become pro …