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The Highs and Lows of Slacklining

Story by Seth Lightcap Slacklining, the art of walking along one- inch wide nylon webbing, is a new school variation of circus style tight-rope walking. Born along chain link fences in Yosemite Valley, the sport of slacklining...

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The Crossing

By W.C. Moses The suppository should have been a clue. Crouched in the cramped bathroom of a sailboat docked at a small island in French Polynesia, I was fumbling in the darkness with a cold wax suppository about the size of a...

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It’s Easy Being Green

Be hip with what you have – You don’t have to purchase a brand new wardrobe composed entirely of organic cotton, hemp, wood pulp, soy, corn, and bamboo to show off your greener side. Consumerism is consumerism. Wear what you already own with pride.

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Behold the SUB

For the most part, American society celebrates the bicycle as merely a toy and exercise machine. We love our 17-pound carbon road bikes, 6-inch travel “freeride” gravity chasers, wind-cheating tri mounts, hill-flattening cross-country steeds, chro-mo single-speed hardtails, and flip-flop-daydream beach cruisers … among other micro-niche two-wheel subsets.

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Getting into Adventure Racing

One of the most common questions people ask adventure racers is, “How do I get into adventure racing?” The short answer is: Keep hanging out with adventure racers. They’ll suck you into the sport eventually. The even-shorter answer is, “If you’re reading this, you can probably do it.” Todd Jackson, who runs 7th Wave Productions, the biggest local event organizer in adventure racing, says that anyone who has ever done an off-road triathlon has what it takes -- athletically – to get into the sport.

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Sweating It

How will global warming affect outdoor recreation? By Graham Averill You want a bleak picture of the world ravaged by global warming? Forget “An Inconvenient Truth.” Watch “Soylent Green,” the ‘70s sci-fi thriller starring...

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Oh, the stories a Joshua tree might tell! Have you visited a Joshua tree yet and just listened? 💚⁠

📸: @caseykiernan⁠
@visit_joshuatree @joshuatreenps ⁠
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The @ca_enduro Round 2 recap is now up on our website (🔗 in bio). The Georgetown Enduro was put on by @mtbexp and @californiaexpeditions , and dished out quite the wild course for its intrepid racers!

📸: Georgetown Enduro pro champ @jakekellr by @bixxel.media.

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Lupine motherlode in the Eastern Sierra. Just ... WOW 🤯 ⁠

📸: @mikemcdermottphoto⁠

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There's big water flowing all over California, including the Kern. Be safe out there! 🌊⁠

This is a good time to brush up on wilderness first aid and outdoor safety training — @survivalmedonline is offering 20% off all Survival Med courses. Use the code SPIRIT at checkout. ⛑️⁠

📸 Anthea Raymond

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