NV Energy Foundation partners with the Tahoe Fund on 23 new educational signs designed to enhance the visitor experience and encourage stewardship

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. (May 14, 2020) – The Tahoe East Shore Trail that runs between Incline Village and Sand Harbor State Park has become an interpretive trail following the installation of 23 new educational signs offering users information on regional history, the environment, and local wildlife. The signs, which are located at various vista points along the popular paved trail, were funded by the NV Energy Foundation.

“The Tahoe East Shore Trail has been a collaborative effort since its inception. We’re thrilled that NV Energy recognized the value in adding these interpretive signs to enhance the visitor experience and we are so grateful for their contribution,” said Amy Berry, CEO of the Tahoe Fund. “The team at Fallon Multimedia did a tremendous job creating them, and we hope they will inspire trail users to become stewards of Lake Tahoe.”

An educational sign along the East Shore Trail in Tahoe. This sign showing information of fish species in Tahoe with the beautiful lake in the background.

Photo courtesy of Tahoe Fund.

“Lake Tahoe is the crown jewel of our state and our community, and the NV Energy Foundation is proud to help bring the unique history and features of this stunning trail to light for all who visit it,” said Tony Sanchez, Executive Vice President of Business Development and External Relations for NV Energy. “The work of the Tahoe Fund to improve and preserve this beautiful area aligns with our own commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Trail users can expect to find visually stunning signage that in both words and pictures tell the stories of Incline Village and Sand Harbor, Tahoe’s Earth history and ecology, and how to keep the region’s black bears wild. Explanation of Tahoe’s famed water clarity and how to preserve it, how the significant waves on Lake Tahoe are formed, the implications of invasive species and other topics are also highlighted.

An educational sign along the east shore of Lake Tahoe. This sign shows information about the history of Sand Harbor.

Photo courtesy of Tahoe Fund.

What was once deemed “impossible,” the Tahoe East Shore Trail came to fruition thanks to the hard work and extensive collaboration of 13 public and private agencies. Last summer, the Tahoe East Shore Trail made its debut, offering pedestrians and cyclists a safe, scenic route to travel between Incline Village and Sand Harbor.

The 3-mile stretch of trail, starting along the mountainside before tunneling under the highway to follow the rugged, rocky shoreline is arguably considered one of the world’s most beautiful trails. Those who use the trail should check State of Nevada guidelines in advance for possible trail closures and other guidelines, including physical distancing requirements that encourage users to maintain at least 6-feet between themselves and others.

Learn more about the Tahoe East Shore Trail and how you can still leave your legacy on the trail with a trout, bear or your name on the new donor wall at tahoefund.org.


About Tahoe Fund

The Tahoe Fund was founded in 2010 to work with the private community to support environmental improvement projects that restore lake clarity, create more sustainable recreation, promote healthier forests, improve transportation and inspire greater stewardship of the region. Through the generous support of private donors, the Tahoe Fund has leveraged more than $2 million in private funds to secure more than $40 million in public funds for more than 40 environmental projects. The projects include new sections of the Lake Tahoe Bikeway, restoration of watersheds, removal of aquatic invasive species, forest health projects, public beach improvements, and stewardship programs. Learn more at www.tahoefund.org.

A large educational sign along the Tahoe East Shore Trail.

Photo courtesy of the Tahoe Fund.

An educational sign on the east shore with information about the mountain peaks around Lake Tahoe.

Photo courtesy of Tahoe Fund.

An image of an educational sign in the distance along the east shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Photo courtesy of Tahoe Fund.

Large educational sign placed on a granite boulder showing a map of Lake Tahoe.

Photo courtesy of Tahoe Fund.