Matt Niswonger

If you are looking for a high top mountain biking shoe that is also designed for hiking and trail building the Trail Cross Mid Pro from 5.10 is your jam. These shoes are a hybrid of an Adidas trail running shoe and an MTB specific shoe designed for flat pedals. Five Ten uses Stealth rubber with the trademark dot pattern for a dependable sticky connection to your pedals at all times.

Designed for longer rides, what I like most about these shoes is the inner ankle cuff that protects from dirt and rocks entering the top of the shoe and grinding against your foot and heel. Around the cuff and also protecting the ankle are the same D30 plastic armor guards used by motorcycle riders for body armor. This well-placed armor protects against sharp sticks and rocks and other trail hazards, including your own pedals.

In a nutshell these shoes are MTB specific footwear that is also suitable for hiking and trail work. While previous 5.10 bike shoes feature designs inspired by skate culture, the Trail Cross series is a departure from the skateboarding vibe in favor of a trail running look. For people who explore new trails and need sticky shoes for flat pedals that are also suitable for hiking and trail maintenance, these are the best MTB shoes on the market hands down.

MSRP: $160