To MORB or Not To MORB? How do you feel about electric mountain bikes?

To MORB or Not To MORB? How do you feel about electric mountain bikes?

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Read Matt Niswonger’s article Bike Touring the Lost Sierra about EcoBikeAdventures and their electric mountain biking packages. Plus check out Kurt Gensheimer’s review on Specialized’s electric mountain bike (the Turbo Levo) in Pedal to the Metal.

Photo courtesy EcoAdventures.

Photo courtesy EcoAdventures.

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  1. John Parulis

    I did contract video work for US Electric Car in the 90s for its push to get ebikes spread in the US and China. I used to own an early model. I disagree with Kurt Gensheimer that those of us in Marin trying to protect many narrow sensitive trails from both horse and mountain bike travel are “eco-zealots” There are many trails unsuited to all but hikers and wildlife. Mountain bikers hurt their cause by trying to push beyond this. In the meantime, enjoy your ebike on legal trails.

  2. Doug Mann

    Everybody doesn’t get to do everything everywhere forever. E-“bikes” are a serious threat to the access that many people have been fighting to increase/maintain for decades. Shame on Specialized for pushing them into the market before most land managers have even come out with a policy–although almost everyone that has a policy regarding them has banned them.

    Also, calling the Marin anti-bike folks “eco zealots” is putting it nicely! They’re completely out of touch with reality and out of touch with how multi-use trails work in the rest of the country.

    • Fredb

      I ride with an aging group of riders, several of whom were there when Mt. biking started in Marin and ebikes have been a godsend. These are riders who helped to create the sport and have reached a point in their late 60’s and 70’s where absent electronic assist they would not be able to continue to participate in a sport that they love and get out with friends with whom they have shared the enjoyment of the sport for 25-30 years. As for speeds on the trails, the electric assist has not resulted in them going uphill any faster… it’s a waste of battery power (i.e. you can’t go as long) and it means being separated from those in the group not on electric assist… nor has it result in going downhill any faster… frankly you can go faster on a non-assist bike. For my part I am all for it and am disappointed and dismayed with those in the Mt. Biking community that view them as a threat. As a community, we as Mt. Bikers need to work out our issues and stick together.

  3. Meg

    The thought of an electronic mountain bike on the trails terrifies me. Not only can they mob up hills, but the thought of them meeting someone going downhill going at a much quicker pace uphill means much less time to make room for one another.
    Maybe I misunderstood and this is JUST for motorized areas, but I think about the use of these on trails and fire roads and that makes me very unsettled.
    They’re great for commuting, but I don’t think they have a place on trails and in the woods.


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