Grabbing some shade

The first weekend of May, 2015 was lovely weather for a triathlon at Lake San Antonio. It was not too hot at all and we had just the right amount of breeze to make it the most comfortable Wildflower I’ve been a part of. I’m sure the athletes appreciated that, though they did face some headwinds out on the course. Our roadshow booth was in the main meadow under the oaks trees. A couple of different species of woodpeckers graced the scene by repeatedly swooping through.

The athletes are ultra-competitive at the Wildflower, one of the most prestigious triathlons in California. Yet, the community of the competitors is always palpable. Team members support one another, both in the private teams and collegiate squads. One of the best stories headed into 2015 was about two 13 year old girls, lifelong friends since birth, who finished last year with the exact same time in the MTB race. This year, stepping up to the 13-14 year old division, Charlotte Tomkinson outpaced her friend Catie Fee by 12 minutes. It’s stories like that which make the event special.

At the booth there was plenty of interest in the ENO hammocks as the slender oaks of the woodland make perfect anchors. It was nice to hear from our loyal readers, discussing ASJ stories past and present, and talking to people about their future adventure plans. And as always, thanks to the volunteers who help to make the Wildflower happen.

Future ASJ Readers

Future ASJ Readers