Enhancements include more efficient snowmaking system and new snowcats


Press Release // Bear Valley, CA – Bear Valley is thrilled to announce more than $300,000 of improvements in its snowmaking and grooming operations in anticipation of the 2016-17 season. The enhancements include a better and more efficient snowmaking system along with new snowcats to groom the increased production of snow.

Bear Valley’s new snowmaking system includes upgraded pumping capacity to the snowmaking holding pond at the top of the mountain. “This will allow us to operate continuously during optimum temperatures for snow making,” says Bear Valley’s snow product manager, Tim Schimke. “The upgrade will provide the ability to move from 500 gallons per minute to nearly 1400 gallons per minute.  This important improvement will allow uninterrupted operation of our snowmaking system for weeks at a time, translating into more snow production.”

In conjunction with the pumping enhancements, Bear Valley is installing a state of the art, full automation snowmaking control system along with the addition of automated snowmaking towers on the mountain. “Automation will provide the ability for our system to respond to optimal temperatures for more efficient snowmaking,” added Schimke. “We have also started the process of adding fixed emplacement towers for more efficient snowmaking in trouble areas on the mountain.”

Bear Valley plans to expand existing fixed snowmaking arsenal and upgrade to be fully automated guns that provide the ability to dramatically increase snowmaking proficiencies.  As the cold temperatures move in this fall and early winter, Bear Valley will be more equipped than ever for its best snowmaking season ever.

To accompany the improved snowmaking system, Bear Valley is upgrading it snowcat fleet to process the snow and make it skiable by replacing several older machines with newer models. “Bear Valley will have one of the cleanest, environmentally friendly, fleet of cats in the Central Sierra,” said Schimke. “The pride of our new fleet will be the 2015 Prinoth Bison X powered by a Tier 4 Final Caterpillar C-9 motor.  This machine is truly on the cutting edge of grooming technology.”

The new fleet will include a 12-person Prinoth BR350 Cabin Cat to provide guests with comfortable access to the beautiful backcountry.  This machine will better support the Bear Tracker Snow Cat Tours and service Ski Patrol for Avalanche control.

 About Bear Valley Mountain & Bear Valley Village

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